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10 Inspirational Art Ideas: 2024 Design Trends You Must Follow!

January 23, 2024
young woman working animation studio

As an artist, art block can disturb you from the creative process. Luckily, 2024 design trends can keep you inspired with inspirational ideas. Hence, you can improve your art skills. Moreover, you can reach a broad audience by attracting them with new artwork. Discover more exciting ideas and trends by reading the article below!

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10 Uplifting Ideas of 2024 Design Trends

In 2024, there are many possible design trends to improve your art. Check the following design trends as your inspiration for your next project! 

1. 3D Design

3D design as the design trend in 2024, art by Tikhonov Aleksander

Creating three-dimensional art can be challenging, but the result can be satisfying. Moreover, 3D artwork can open many possibilities in various design fields, like web and graphic design. The application of 3D design can promote engagement with the audience.

Therefore, the 3D design will be desirable in product visualization, branding, data visualization, and animation. Besides, there are many things you can design in 3D, such as hyper-surrealism and inflatable objects.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism—2024 design trend, art by Olga Pisavera

Minimalistic art often becomes a hot topic in the art community. Being clean and simple will help the audience spot the design. Additionally, the audience can understand the message clearly since the design only focuses on essential elements. Thus, it’s no surprise that this style will be a 2024 design trend.

3. Neo-Brutalism

Neo brutalism design trend, art by Ngoc Nguyen

Neo-brutalism is a new imagery of the brutalism movement of the mid-20th century. Unlike its predecessors, which mainly focus on plain concrete and buildings, neo-brutalism design is more vibrant and playful. 

This design trend has characteristics of its vibrant color, unrefined shape, bold typography, and asymmetry or inconsistent layout. 

Similar to brutalism, neo-brutalism is well-received due to its raw and unrefined design. This simplicity is preferable for artwork that focuses on performance instead of aesthetics. Thus, this style is quite popular in UI design. 

4. Bento Box Style

The bento box design trend, art by Michal Muller

The Bento box style is one of the unique 2024 design trends. Although the name seems complicated, this design is actually simple and practical. As a result, this style is favorable among designers and users. 

The bento box style emphasizes its visual hierarchy and organization. Furthermore, bento’s grid layouts allow designers to manage the content into several sections. Consequently, the overall design not only looks sleek but also intuitive and playful. 

5. Doodles and Cartoonish Design

Cartoon design for 2024 Design Trend example

Doodles and cartoons are playful and fun designs. The design possibly is attractive to many people with its quirky style. Moreover, adding this style to your design makes your art look more human. 

6. Pixelation

Pixel graphic design trend

Pixel art is potentially one of the graphic design trends 2024 due to its versatility. In one design, pixel design can look retro while others can look futuristic. Besides, you can make pixels design that blend vintage-look with modernity. 

Moreover, this style is applicable in many design areas, like web designs, illustration, animation, and branding. 

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7. Nature-Inspired Design

Nature aesthetic design trends for 2024 example

Eco-friendly or natural aesthetic designs are something that promotes the sustainability of the ecosystem. Moreover, the natural design can evoke the feeling of mindfulness and tranquility. This one suits the raising awareness of environment issues, thus it holds a great potential to be design trend for 2024. 

8. Glassmorphism

Glass morphism design, art by Abdulghafor Abbas

Glassmorphism is one of the 2024 design trends you should know. This style refers to the transparent or glass-like effect that contrasts with a colorful background. The art style also promotes simplicity and sleekness. As a result, the design looks futuristic and minimalist. 

Although glass morphism is a bit new, the charm of the style is popular among designers, especially UI designers. 

9. AI Assistance

AI-generated illustration

The enhancement of Artificial intelligence (AI) has grown rapidly through the years. Consequently, AI technology can change graphic design drastically. Even though many artists reject the technology, AI assistance used proportionally is a helpful tool for your creative process. Yet, it’s up to you whether to accept AI assistance or not!

10. Motion Image and Video Content

Animation design, art by Fabricio Rosa Marques

Many people seek intuitive and interactive design. For this reason, motion images and video content have already been proven to better engagement. You can create many video content, like short videos, seamless loop animations, or motion scrapbooks. Thus, it’s only natural if it makes its way as a trend of design for 2024. 

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Participate in 2024 Design Trends to Pep Up Your Art!

Exploring many different design styles will aid in improving your art skills. For this reason, joining in 2024 design trends will help you to accomplish that goal. Furthermore, you can impress your audience with your new and refreshing artwork. Hence, it also opens the possibility of gaining engagement with more people!

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