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10 Collections of Horror Font for Your Scary Design Needs

February 22, 2024
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Time goes by and you might just realize that Halloween season is coming up next month. So, are you currently looking for the ideal horror font to use in completing your scary or Halloween projects? Luckily, you have arrived at the right site.

In this review, we will feature 10 collections of the best horror fonts with a wide range of designs to fulfill your scary or Halloween project needs. Then, let’s get started and explore your ideal horror font!

10 Best Horror Fonts to Choose From

We know that you only have a few times to choose the ideal horror font. Thus, without further ado, please check the collections of the 10 best horror fonts from the list below. If you are interested in one of the below horror fonts, don’t hesitate to download font horror that suits your preferences.

1. Nightmare 


As the name suggests, Nightmare is a horror-style font that can depict the dread of your design. Once you look at it, you will find that each end of this font features a finger display that seems ready to give you fear and terror.


With such designs, Nightmare is great for use as a brand logo or cover for horror or thriller books.

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2. Kosan Murah

Kosan Murah is a horror font that beautifully combines decorative horror with great style and precision. You can see unruly indications of bloodstains and ink splatters.

Kosan Murah

So, if you’re looking for the perfect horror font to go with your Halloween banner or cover project, Kosan Murah is probably the best choice.

3. Jacmax


If you’re in search of a horror font to complement your movie or game cover project with a murder or psychopath theme, Jacmax might be a good choice.


Featuring a blood-like font style with knife slashes, this font is definitely going to be ideal for your designs in depicting fear and cruelty.

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4. Bustery

Next up is Bustery. It is a horror font that would be perfect for you to use in a scary-style product design or Halloween greeting card.


Coming with a bold font style with slight shadows on each letter, you can let Bustery do the work in embellishing your horror design projects.

5. Virgo Display 

Are you planning to create sin-themed quotes or designs for the names of historical places? Or are you searching for the right font to fulfill such needs? If so, you will never regret choosing the Virgo Display.

Virgo Display 

This horror font brings a unique style that is both curvy and clear, lending a stunning look to your project.

6. Super Wadon

Super Wadon

The sixth on the list is Super Wadon. Let us tell you that Super Wadon is the perfect font for those of you who are in the project of creating children’s Halloween poster designs or children’s horror stories.

Super Wadon

With each letter stylized like a trick or treat, this font can add excitement to any of your designs.

7. Dark Angels

Dark Angels

Choosing the right font for music concert poster design can be a game changer. Amazingly, Dark Angels is a font that can emphasize the design of your music concert poster for the upcoming Halloween season.

Dark Angels

In addition, Dark Angels is also a perfect font for any apparel design due to its unique mysterious style like a witch.

8. Black Rose

Black Rose

Black Rose is a horror font with retro inspiration and a classy design. Featuring three color layers, this font is perfect for vintage-inspired designs. Therefore, it is a wonderful choice for book covers, movie posters, as well as writing on apparel, such as t-shirts and hats.

Black Rose

9. Sangkury


When designing, you should always be aware that emotion is the key to a good design. Well, if you want to give a scary effect and emotion to your design, Sangkury, the horror font is an ideal choice.


This font is spooky-looking and ideal for Halloween designs, be it movie posters, magazines, event planning, branding, and more.

10. Blackink 


Blackink is an exceptional hand-brush look font that has an authentic splatter brush feel. You can use it for all your scary craft projects, such as Halloween cards, horror movie posters, and more!


Blackink is a unique and eye-catching dingbat font to embellish all your design projects.

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Ready to Welcome Halloween With Your Chosen Horror Font?

Those were 10 collections of the best horror fonts that you can choose according to the needs of your design project in the upcoming Halloween season. Is there one that caught your attention?

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However, suppose you are interested in all the fonts above. There is nothing wrong with you buying a font bundle package from StringLabs. With this bundle, you can get 550 corporate license fonts for $5,550, in other words, you pay $10 per font. Such a great deal, isn’t it?

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