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13 Angel Font Super Aesthetic and Incredible

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Wondering how to make your design more aesthetic and eye-catching? You must consider using angel font. As the name suggests, angel font gives a heavenly touch to your projects, whether DIY decorations, posters, or website designs. This font style is available in multiple characters to match your theme. Keep on scrolling to find out more!

Best Angel Font to Create Heavenly Touch

Here are 13 angel fonts inspirations for all your projects. These fonts are available for uppercase and lowercase letters, ligatures, stylistic alternates, numbering, and punctuation.  Let’s find your favorite one!

1. Angelina Rahmy

image 11

The first angel font you can use to add an elegant touch to your design is Angelina Rahmy. This modern calligraphy will elevate your design to the ultimate level. The character of this font is its slash combined with fancy curvy lines. It will be perfect to put on wedding designs, logos, labels, signatures, headings, and more. 

2. Angeliny

image 13

Another angel font that gives an elegant look to the design is Angeliny. Yup, Angeliny is a delicate handwritten font with its special character of thin curves at the end of the letters. The versatile style will be perfect for any design. Moreover, this font can be combined with slab serif fonts to create spectacular designs. 

3. Angelina Rachmi

image 12

If you want to create a classy and eye-catching design, then Angelina Rachmi is the right angel font to apply. Angelina Rachmi is an exquisite handwritten font designed to make every word more polished and fresh.

At first glance, both Angelina Rachmi’s and Angelina Rahmy’s fonts are similar in style. But they have their own character and nuances. 

4. Angelicy

image 7

For a bold angel font, count on Angelicy. This textured hand brush font is well suited for business cards, calligraphy projects, brand logos, or fashion brands. Its brush pen stroke makes this font seem more contemporary and authentic. 

5. Angela Hasuky

image 9

Simple yet elegant are two words that can describe this font. Angela Hasuky is a beautiful handwritten font to match your design. You’ll love the well-balanced style that will make your design more clean and alive.

6. Baby Angel

Baby Angel

Want to create a playful design look? Baby Angel is your must-have font. Just like the name, Baby Angel has a fun and chunky character. It will be great for school projects, including children’s book covers, posters, or pillowcase designs to encourage the children to learn in a nice way. 

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7. Angel Wish

image 14

If you are looking for an angel text font with a bold and powerful look, the short answer is Angel Wish. This font has an incredible blackletter style to suit your strong design. You can use this font to showcase your creativity, as this font can be the center of attraction even from miles away.

8. Dark Angels

image 17

If you’re working on a project related to a horror theme, use the Dark Angels font to make it feel more suspenseful. Dark Angels is a haunted script font with a sharp and bold style. It would be perfect for horror movie posters, Halloween decorations, and much more.

9. Angel Rhapsody

image 16

Angel Rhapsody is another blackletter font that gives off an intense vintage touch and is tough. This font mostly fits poster headlines, logo branding, or DIY projects. You’ll be surprised at how your design really stands out.

10. Sabina Angellica

image 18

Sabina Angellica is modern script font. It has a long curved font style that is so pretty. Add this font to your creative designs for a fresh and aesthetic display. You can use this to design logos, labels, branding, or even signatures. You’ll love it!

11. Brittany Angella

image 15

You can’t ignore this font! Brittany Angella might be your favorite angel font. It is a lovely modern calligraphy font with a touch of feminine look, which will bring your design ideas into reality to stay gorgeous.

12. Angelwine

image 10

Angelwine is an angel text font made with stunning digital brush pen strokes. Use this font for your fashion brand design, logo brand, business card, and other calligraphy style. This font is super elegant and classy.

13. The Angellica

The Angellica

The final angel text font to level up your project is The Angellica. It is a modern calligraphy font with a casual style. Its light lines and graceful curves are the main characteristics of this font. This font is clean and stylish at the same time. 

Select Angel Font Now To Spice Up Your Ideas

So which angel font is your favorite? The right font type will help you bring your concept into an incredible design. If you need more font-type ideas, visit StringLabs Creative. This site provides a wide range of font styles at budget-friendly prices. Go now and get a great deal for only $29 on one font!

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