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Unfold the Secret to Attention-Grabbing Design with Asteroid Font

February 22, 2024
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Choosing an appropriate font for a design project is effective in grabbing attention and making it timeless. Its excellent readability makes Asteroid font worth using. In addition, the font also comes with a futuristic design. Moreover, the modern design and techno feel is a smart choice for commercial designs.

Let’s uncover how to optimize your designs utilizing this type of sans-serif modern font!

Introducing Asteroid Font and The Features

Unfold the Secret to Attention-Grabbing Design with Asteroid Font
Introducing Asteroid Font and The Features

Stringlabs Creative Studio has released its latest font that you can use to present a bold, modern, and evergreen design. Despite its simple design, Asteroid fits for logos, brands, posters, book covers, magazine headlines, quotes, or even subtitles.

Given that Asteroid is crafted based on the sans-serif font, the display looks neat and simple. The characteristic of modified sans-serif fonts is that they do not use line strokes at each end of the letters. The slightly dense kerning does not hinder the perfect legibility of text using this font.

Asteroid typeface comes with comprehensive features so it won’t limit your creativity in creating enchanting designs. These features include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and alternate characters.

Introducing Asteroid Font and The Features

Alternate characters will give a dramatic feel because there are vertical lines that go sideways to the right. You can find straight vertical lines with perfect length at the bottom or top of the ends of the letters. Additionally, you can choose the alternate characters based on your design needs.

6 Types of Design Projects that  Asteroid Font Can Spice Up!

Coming with a bold design for each letter doesn’t make this font look inflexible. The reason is that each curve of the letter forms a rounded corner, giving it an ergonomic style, with a friendly yet classy vibe. Below are six common design project inspirations that implemented Asteroids into their designs.

1. Signboard

Signboard Design Applying Asteroid Font

To attract people passing by to enter your shop, you need to make an eye-catching signboard. A significant consideration in creating a signboard is a simple and easy-to-read design. However, make sure the design is quirky yet readable and sparks the curiosity of those who see it.

Bold letters with a simple design without a lot of ornamentation will surely support the readability of the text even from quite a distance. The clean and neat appearance of the Asteroid typeface also gives a strong professional feel.

2. Product Design

Sample of Asteroid Font for Product Design

If you run a merchandising business or product packaging design service, bear in mind that font selection makes a huge difference to the product’s design. Certainly, you need fonts that are readable with nice readability. But, you also need fonts with robust form and bold characters to make the product design more attractive. 

The Asteroid font surely will transform your product’s design more exclusively with its modern letter form. Its quirkiness makes a remarkable statement and branding according to your brand’s character. You may combine the alternate styles with the lower cases to create a more striking text in the product design. 

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3. Magazine Headlines

Preview of Asteroid Font on Magazine Headlines

If you are working on a technology-related magazine project, the Asteroid font is surely a great pair of key visuals. Font with a techno and futuristic design will take readers’ imaginations further. Just by combining appropriate uppercase and lowercase letters, the simplicity of the magazine headline design will look more remarkable. 

Combining this font with a minimalist style typeface will help to represent better the persona of your magazine content. 

4. Fashion

Asteroid Font for Fashion Products

An evergreen business idea is the fashion industry. Choosing the right type of font will emphasize the fashion signature you release. You can explore the Asteroid font, which is equipped with many features to create text attached to hats, t-shirts, or even jackets.

Inserting alternate characters in the text you create will shift the monotony or mediocrity. Sideways vertical line strokes will give a stylish and fine touch without seeming excessive.

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5. Book Cover

Book Cover Design Utilizing Asteroid Font

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? This expression will be less appropriate if you work as a book cover designer. Ensure you create an intriguing design so people are intrigued to find out what’s inside the book.

Other than using irresistible words, also use fonts with impactful designs such as Asteroid typeface. The collaboration of the two will be an effective strategy that will lead customers to take a look at it.


Applying Asteroid Font on Quotes Design

If you manage social media that posts meaningful and encouraging quotes, it’s best to use one font type so the feed display looks harmonious and neat. Upload your inspiring quotes using the Asteroid font to present an artful feed. Excellent readability will also be a plus point if you use this futuristic font.

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How to Get an Asteroid Font for a Commercial?

Basically, Stringlabs Creative Studio offers free fonts for personal use. Meanwhile, for commercial purposes, you can get affordable prices starting from $29.00. The money-saving solution is to use a corporate license bundle that contains 550 fonts, including the Asteroid font.

Corporate License Bundle

How can it save money? You can get the 550 for $5550.00. Let’s shop now and don’t miss this compelling offer!

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