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Best Design Contest Websites for Logo and Website Contest

March 3, 2024
Best Design Contest Websites for Logo and Website Contest

The only boundaries for designers are their imagination, but the fight for the best designer is very real. So, a contest is a perfect platform for creative minds to showcase their skills. If you’re looking for the best design contest websites, you’re coming to the right place because we’re gonna check them out.

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The Best Design Contest Websites

We’ll present you the best design contest for the best logo design contest website and best website design contest. 

1. Best Logo Design Contest

99designs’ Logo Design Contest Page

99designs is considered to be the best logo design contest website. The client can hold contests on the website to conveniently and efficiently connect with numerous designers (meaning numerous styles too). Simply provide your logo brief and wait for the designers to submit their work. 

There are 4 pricing choices before you can hold a contest:

BenefitsAny designer can enterAttracts more designersHigh-quality graphic designers Premium-quality design, extra help, and priority support

Technically, you can get a pretty good logo using the cheapest plan. However, the more exclusive plan you take, you’ll get more satisfying designs too. As one of the best design contest websites, 99designs also provides a few “toppings” on top of the main pricing.

Upgrades To Price
Private contestKeeps it out of public$59
Fast-trackSpeed up the contest to 1-3 days$39-79
FeatureMake your contest on the top search$79
HighlightMake your contest stand out$19
BlogInclude your contest in the blog$19
Power PackAdd Feature+Highlight+Blog Combo$99

Aside from the paid topping, you can add some free ones like Guaranteed Contest, Blind Contest, and Invitation-only. They have a dedicated page for how it works, you can get a clearer explanation in it.

To be a designer, you can sign up for free. Click the “Become a designer” link and start designing. There are two ways to work, one is through contests and the other one is working directly with clients. 99designs charges fees on every project for support and security. The more you work, the better they link you with clients.

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2. Best Website Design Contest

We have two candidates for this category, DesignBro and Zillion Design. Let’s get to know them!

1. DesignBro

DesignBro Website Design Contest

The platform takes a unique approach as a design contest. DesignBro is known for hiring only 5% of designers who apply. As one of the best design contest websites,  they do this to maintain quality work from their designers.

The platform also limits the “design spots” in a contest. Once entered, you’ll typically compete with 3-10 other designs. DesignBro excels with its user-friendly interface for both clients and designers. 

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2. Zillion Designs

Zillion Designs Website Design Contest

Based on references, Zillion Designs is rarely in the top spot for the best website design contest platform, but they’re almost always mentioned in numerous pages comparing and reviewing this topic. So, it’s assumable that this one is worth mentioning.

In contrast with DesignBro, one of Zillion Designs’ key features is providing a large number of design options. It follows the concept of crowdsourcing websites where the clients provide a brief about their design needs, and then designers work based on that brief. 

The number of options became their selling point, allowing clients to have a wide selection of designs. On top of that, Zillion Designs also offers additional services like Search Engine Optimization and website development, expanding its offerings beyond just design contests.

Similar to DesignBro, Zillion Designs is determined to meet client’s expectations as one of the best design contest websites. They do this by attracting many designers to become part of its ecosystem. They promise almost 100 designs per contest, which means that they need to engage a high number of quality designers. 

The platform’s focus is on providing a myriad of design solutions, targeting clients seeking diverse design choices. With its large number of quality designers per contest, Zillion Designs goes beyond and adds SEO as well as website development as its service.

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Ready To Jump Into These Best Design Contest Websites?

Getting into these best design contest websites is the perfect way to connect clients and designers. With good reviews and trusted services, designers can seamlessly channel their creativity without being too burdened with the complex administration process, this also goes for the clients seeking quality designers. 

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