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Carlitos Font: a Vigorous Font to Ignite Your Sportsmanship 

February 22, 2024
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The text in sports design can be understated. However, it can convey impactful feelings for its audiences. Carlitos font can help you to create sports designs that bring your supportive audiences. Check out how you can utilize this font for sports design in this article!

Get to Know with the Robust Font Style, Carlitos Font

Carlitos Font: a Vigorous Font to Ignite Your Sportsmanship 

Carlitos is one of the innovative fonts from StringLabs. Like other decorative fonts, this font has an eccentric and unique design. The style is similar to the outlined fonts with additional decorative designs. 

You can find the similarity in the geometrical outlines of its characters. The benefit of this font is that you can scale the font as you want without distorting the shape. Therefore, it will be nice to design posters or brochures that need to catch people’s attention. 

Sometimes, the font is also referred to as a hollow font since the letters of the font are hollowed out. The usage of this font is fit for emphasizing the background design. As a result, you can match the text and the background to create a seamless design. 

Carlitos Font Preview

You can use this font for a wide range of purposes. Carlitos evokes a sense of strong sportsmanship that makes it great for sports-related themes. However, its simplicity also exudes futuristic and modernity. Therefore, you can also use it for modern designs. 

This font is easy to use on a PC or Mac. You can install the font by double-clicking on the TTF or OTF file and pressing “Install.” Furthermore, once you install the font, you can use it on any software on your computer. The software includes Microsoft Office applications, Adobe software, and other text editor programs. 

Carlitos is free for public or personal use. However, you must buy a license to utilize this font for commercials, like printing or digital ads. 

Where You Employ This Font for Your Sports Design?

A decorative font like Carlitos font is perfect to attract your audience. This font will help you gain engagement with the customer and raise brand awareness. There are many mediums to boost your brand with this font. Take a look at some design ideas you can do with this font. 

1. Brand’s Logo

Carlitos Font Sample Usage for Logo Design

Customers are most likely to purchase from a brand with a logo they recognize. For that reason, choosing the font for your brand is essential. Fortunately, you can make a memorable logo with Carlitos typeface. The font will aid you in establishing your brand’s name and tone. 

You can combine this font with other font types, especially sans-serif fonts. Combining Carlitos and sans-serif fonts can create an absorbing design that draws people’s attention.

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2. Merchandise and Product Design

Sample Merchandise Design on Tumbler with Carlitos Font
Sample Merchandise Design on Cap Using Carlitos Font

Carlitos font comes in handy to give you ideas to design your merchandise. The hollowed-out letters form matches well with minimalistic designs. With its bold and clear letter lines and strokes, it fits perfectly as a text element to create a strikingly simple design for your sports merchandise and products. 

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3. Business Card

Sample Business Card Design with Carlitos Font

Since a business card also reflects your brand’s image, you must choose a font that conveys your brand’s messages. 

As an illustration, for sports instructors, like yoga instructors, Carlitos can be your choice for designing your business card. The font can evoke a sense of sportsmanship and a feeling of relaxation and freedom at the same time. It would help to deliver the identity or message you want to share with your audience. 

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4. Brochure and Advertisement

Choosing a font for advertisement is also essential for your business. The font can help you capture attention, deliver messages, and create brand identities. You can use Carlitos font to create a remarkable advertisement.

In creating the logo, this font matches a sans-serif font for creating minimalist designs. The pair mentioned helps you to craft a delightful design that conveys a feeling of modernity and minimalism.

5. Social Media Content

Sample Brochure Design Utilizing Carlitos Font
Sample of Carlitos Font Application for Social Media Content Design
Sample of Carlitos Font Application for Social Media Content Design

Nowadays, social media plays a crucial role in digital marketing. Thus, you must engage with your audiences through social media content. Fortunately, Carlitos can be your tool to boost your social media engagement as well! This unique font will intrigue your creativity to create captivating social media content. 

You can incorporate the Carlitos typeface as a heading within short-line text in your social media post design that represents your brand’s value or persona for a thematic post. This tactic may help increase your brand awareness. 

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Where Can You Find Carlitos Font?

Carlitos font can be a great tool to convey your brand’s image, especially for sports-related business. The font’s characters with hollowed-out style are not only catchy for neon box designs in sports or futuristic themes. 

If you want to utilize this font for commercial use, you can purchase the license on the official StringLabs website while choosing other options of creative fonts for various designs. 

StringLabs’ 550 Font Bundle

In fact, StringLabs gives a great offer with their 550 font bundle. You can get 500 more extraordinary fonts with worldwide corporate licenses for only $5550 of $1,100,000. Sounds like a good deal right? Check on the website to get the offering!

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