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Amplify Your Brand Profile with 12 Best Font for Business Cards!

February 22, 2024
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Whatever your business call is, it’s crucial for you to use the best font for business cards! The reason is that tiny little card is the representative of your brand and company identity and message altogether. You need to assess its readability, design, and also alignment with your company. Let’s choose one from the list below!

12 Best Font for Business Cards

The right font for your business card depends on the nature, style, and tone you want to exhibit to your audience. Thus, don’t ever forget or neglect your business branding elements and goals. We suggest the following list for your business cards. 

1. Piemonte


Piemonte introduces a casual yet professional look. The font has a clean and straightforward shape that makes it an ideal choice for your business card. It is also clear to read the body and details of the business card. 

Since the font does not encompass serif, it’s easier for you to put them as the body text of the heading of business cards. 

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JHINBEY is an elegant serif font that evokes a vintage mood. The font would make your business card more comfortable to read with its neat and solid letterform. Clear, robust, and dignified are good qualities that make this font the best font for business cards.

3. The Qlickers

The Qlickers

Add uniqueness to your business card design with The Qlickers font. This delicate, casual font fits a brand with friendliness and a warm personality. Hence, it lets your potential partners click right away with your brand’s identity through its playful yet clean design. 

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4. Belfina Husairy

Belfina Husairy

Serif fonts are popular for their readability! The decorations usually strengthen elegance. On the contrary, the contrast in the lines and strokes might be a distraction. However, Belfina Husairy offers both readability and exclusivity. This one is suitable for the business card element of company in the luxury product industry.

5. Queental


If you are in the tech industry, then putting a font with a futuristic yet elegant branding style is just ethical! That’s why the versatile Queental from StringLabs makes it to the list. This font is a simple sans serif, yet it invokes a novel atmosphere. 

The sleek and minimalist strokes make this one the best font for business cards, since it provides smooth readability and clean legibility.

6. Adibafih


Adibafih emits a combination of modernity and luxury. It will give your business card a graceful personality with bold and stylish strokes. Moreover, your business will look more confident with this font. 

There are also alternative glyphs and ligatures to spice up your design. This one reflects well creativity hence perfect for a company in the fashion industry. 

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7. Aginoe


Aginoe transforms geometric character design into a versatile font. Aginoe is the best font for business cards if your company is in the consulting or agency industry and needs a sense of trustworthiness. 

This font design has both minimalist strokes and quirky lines that appear to be formal in a convivial way which exudes professionalism and inspiration. 



Embellish your design with this luxurious font. BHINEKA is undoubtedly a modern and inspiring font coming in serif style. This best font for business cards may appear traditional, but it carries a welcoming personality in a modest yet prominent way. 

Bhineka may be an ideal branding partner for a socio-entrepreneur company with strong value.  It also adds the luxury and opulence of brand designs.

9. Roshinta


Sweet and Gentle,  Roshinta is a beautiful script font with feminine and graceful shapes. Its cursive and soft edges give off a friendly and endearing look. Ronshinta also features ligatures and swashes to make your design prettier. This font matches for womenpreneur company or brand. 

10. Dilan Script

Dilan Script

Do you want a business card with an intimate and affectionate vibe? Dilan script would be a good font for business cards to you. This font has a handwritten style with smooth and flowy strokes. The design looks romantic. It makes your brand feel casual and personal.

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11. Batagor


Bagator is the best font for business cards that introduces high-end brands. This font features an extravagant look and eccentric style. Those uniqueness make this typeface a versatile choice for various kinds of industries. 

Therefore, you can use it for your branding if your brand or company is in construction, consulting, creative, entertainment or even the FMCG field. 

12. Angika Jaya

Angika Jaya

Angika Jaya is a stunning font that fits to promote your brand. The design is quirky and lovable with long swashes and handwriting overall design. This font provides intimacy and creativity at the same time. If your brand is in a creative industry, you can consider this as your branding element for sure!

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How to Pick Your Best Font for Business Cards?

Deciding your business’s tone, branding goal, and style is the first thing you should do before picking your best font for business cards. 

If you want a business card with an elegant and professional look, a font like BHINEKA is a great choice. On the other hand, Queental is the best option if you want to promote a futuristic and modern brand.

550 Font Bundle

If the list still does not catch your heart just yet, you can now easily explore which one of String Lab’s font creations suits your branding needs! Try out our font bundling promo that contains 550 high-quality fonts with a corporate license at a reasonable cost. 

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