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Unwrap 17 Sleek Victorian Style Fonts from Indonesia

February 22, 2024
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Inspired by the art in the Victorian era, around early 1900 in Britain, Victorian style font represents the style at the time. The fonts encapsulate how layers, textures, and stylistic borders played a significant role in art in the 19th century. If you’re looking for recommended Victorian font, stay tuned in this post till the end! 

17 Victorian Style Fonts for Logo Design and Other Projects

Without further ado, let’s get into the following impressive font recommendations! 

1. Kevin Ghal 


This font has the classic Victorian knack in its serifs. The decorative serif types strongly pronounce the Victorian touch, with decent readability. Hence, Kevin Ghal is a match for both modern and classic logo design, packaging, label, or hang tags and signage. 

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2. Miztar

Dq3akGqFHtseNuSnW1s_UeKkrFNcOXNZB1qwKdgB9mlocTMJEmYgBUG_IOA7cl_KwIItvFZZFQTH8lj3cIZ43A8jBpgqqkzYIzug0UOuLfrLVeVH3lY0uw5O9f8HIZVUxorhP zdudJedRNlrFUIfso

Along with decorative texture in its characters lines, Miztar offers you a set of romantic alternates. The ornament and swash are just feasible and legible. You won’t be disappointed to put this font for designs of logos, magazines, and product packaging. 

3. Ardilah Kafi


Unlike its two predecessors in this list, this Victorian style font brings a much more vintage font impression in a modest approach. Ardilah Kafi comes with condensed alternates and ligature sets to help you bring romantic and classic masculinity to the design project. 

4. Nicolas

K2nJ4HRKTwZNOrZXB4oWg4gLYqdyO8bczzui f XvZR6jnXHLVO9EmXqMJxcUCttAVRJse6jFDp33O45EKebuir 3iU28ra_8i01HV SY0r7BUfNKsor7eVrvQQSle1UdUl40o7ThlGQ82Kzhi22yIo

Can you imagine how it would be to combine Victorian and retro styles together? Just look at Nicolas, the new vintage display typeface! This font has the unique touch of condensed retro font, but the serifs tails are just gorgeous!  

5. Aquero


Through Aquero, you can observe the Victorian pattern in its ornaments. With edgy and thin edges in its lettering characters, this Victorian style font forms a bold presence. Thus, it’s a strong element for logo designs, photography, and artsy business cards. 

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6. Ambrosia

viIJJZJ4FhzDc5trbRWDUCznUQCVRQsmZjeIsEWXlSn lPZwRlmq pn3rCC_QZ6Xr1BBAV69SvYiv3_YlzkY4jidsnVWtThPwAHdpatDpJrlIdsLcUyh2Gm3ADU72ArIBwo8fvmrPjiad9zsSCmnoag

A different vibe comes in Ambrosia, a decorative black letter font. Since the inspiration for blackletter font came from calligraphic letters from the Middle Ages, the strokes in each character are quite tense, and so do the serifs adornment. Still, this font is sufficiently versatile for extensive design projects. 

7. Nomer Samvilan

n1osU5gBecRKRH93oLa4hly2_lJUQUo4Uyp7_dJIu4OAMnXbGei7SnnXZJKQsOXDeEB4H3tj10TsLATDxhc YlOx97VuiUM0OOHsD6urWRaU2_uZZzeSCvAZOCJxk_hyA_HHrA9YGjVCQNvucT7Y8k8

As mentioned earlier, layering for texture is actually iconic for Victorian style fonts. Nomer Samvilan has shading that forms a more profound dimension for its characters. The condensed and consistent lines offer you another angle and uniqueness of Victorian style.

8. Gokil Nova


Gokil Nova typeface is a great deal for you who want to use a font with Victorian style in a more regal and royal look. Moreover, the readability of this font in regular and alternate styles is great for contemporary or classic design themes. 

9. Wazintte

qF9lD9WWUHJjGd0J58YdViy2nmrR ZPFLEjjdE90RtPrzId34yTOHyhKYVKGlBpQrByDNxmoeV47GA N6JCZ7sL3bxiYwcz3iUE1rm8Ry_HVAlwOY5doNF5umqDFBCrnXVbonKLeVGAVbvPSkCENTy8

Retro and rustic combination shape a bold and tidy comes from this Victorian style font, Wazintte. It’s ligature and stylistic alternate glyphs are available to aesthetically decorate logos, fashion product designs, and other types of design projects you have in mind. 

10. Sarkowik

5qyS8EzUu9Vh_slXqHx1Zp4SbfxZd61Nn0FX3A7TaGzZwI3UTZB2BlR8me1V5oP4KAiqBg5PMfKK8wOYPOUWMoFyglHEHkDrDSspdyzci7ZttgScFSN RnETvZZodWnVyZZHpKxaeUK7T7qDL9CtF6w

A more humble version of serifs ornament, paired with a cleaner line with wide width and thick weight provides Sarkowik with the finest legibility. You can create nostalgic yet elegant designs d for an extensive range of commercial products with this Victorian typeface. 

11. Raizen

oGtc7eqSNd4fNbcsVuQ8qDqc_vwlnpWck8zWZYdmM0YltZr99 haH9BVxnf0GZWxQvgk6amexjXc9jF_DYzt8tO yg1t01XwCjfOjaD9uGusp8mrqJmWSaHNIYute8wEvsw0yas9emZsZuKJPFdD8cw

Raizen is particularly befitting an attractive design theme. The detail of both inline and shadowing elements makes it appear more aesthetic. The set of this typeface comes with ligature and supports multilingual characters. 

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12. Rafiquel


Vintage styles usually go hand-in-hand with a nostalgic touch. Thus, it is what Rafiquel offers to you as its differentiator to other typefaces in Victoria style. Rafiquel is a great selection of digital and print design materials with bold and captivating text elements. 

13. Rose Knigth

4eoGcMQDWtBqcFLs5 1MuN qyFB3mNaFgO7KLcZABXg7c5etRjdRafAXM_dHod9h_UcOTYO5HMhESTMq3teOJNAJXf8_W2ChQs2nFaiaInk6ptJ1XwJe16jJ9fVcq39d8QL_zS_cpTnMp5yIpiaKRxg

The ornamental serifs of Rose Knight prettily decorated this typeface’s characters. It enlivens the classic Victorian touch. Incorporating this font for books’ covers, posters, and apparel will just elevate the product’s styling. 

14. Hewina


Hewina has gorgeous decorative tailing, feet, and swash for the characters. This typeface is one of the stunning Victorian style fonts for logo design which is also quite classic. But what a great pair particularly for men’s product designs, Hewina is. 

15. Hanzow Sewick

N I1ntI8NDv72sQ DSBw3pVl8E4sbSJjFBlOx9Wb04ZGJOGqPRZaTxpN8N3RbUUaNjUo2m JEzFmF_1qNxZTgR9sfdZLmdqHRGlpXiWLlo3Va9NqlvK8n deSPYjvzWR83oVG9sNdjfyNgtjqwmtJZo

Simply rustic and clean consistent stroke makes Hanzow Sewick more elegant. This typeface is a striking font option for various display designs, in modern or vintage thematic. 

16. Bonwick Weaver

ED1XBTP032XkXV REespt5G7kM3ERbPm1NCwNlYYmCC5QCN_ QfXK2x1VyVwdxcpPgIc4j3TV6gUEjW_3RbWL5rU L19QcVL4M2FokPSKpEeXpHC4CzYs I_6ldy5JPD5Dq4GXfkOyopw LDUKULkAA

Ornament with flare is another way to express Victorian art style. Bonwick Weaver is that guy with dandy style since it comes in sturdy condensed characters decorated with flares serifs. This option is a Victorian style font free for personal use. 

17. Rowney Kahfi

akCf1S956ifchcATDcAaNInLc7qre4TYFQcFKJHV3pRBqUWtDZD rwUslIM5HOL1hy9laVw0R_UjYGdcjqzhwOg1lYwcrMLMZOWtgJSmAiFiPwWESHyJ0MQ7muLtrZFUDZMFklkHfmSPH2ONK7_slB8

The designer gives a particular touch to Rowney Kahfi. If you look closely at it, you’ll notice the wedge serifs that give this typeface an edgy look, making it more like a combination of contemporary and Victorian styles. Built with uppercase and lowercase, you can apply this sleek font for various design purposes. 

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How to Use a Victorian Style Font?

Despite its decorative serifs and swirls, this font style is quite versatile and sleek type. Still, the best way to make use of it is for large-size designs such as logos, advertising, and posters. Yet, this typeface style is also a match for product design and packaging.

With a diverse category from script, playful to modern sans serif from StringLabs Creative like what is mentioned in the list, you can pull out astonishing design products and materials. So, let’s visit the official website and get the $29 deal now!

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