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Discover 15 Modern Handwritten Wedding Invitations Ideas

June 13, 2023
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Thinking that having handwritten wedding invitations is challenging? Afraid not! Now, you can produce your very own wedding invitations with beautiful and personalized handwriting elements on them. Even better, you may choose which one suits your wedding theme or your personal taste. 

Check out the selected handwritten fonts for your wedding-related design projects in the lines below!

15 Stunning Handwritten Wedding Invitations Examples

If you can’t beat Megan Markle for being a skillful calligrapher yet still want to craft an aesthetic wedding invitation using handwriting, just choose one of our recommendations of the handwritten font style listed here. 

1. Allison Franco

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If you consider a flowy and airy look handwriting font to complete a wedding invitation, Allison Franco is a great choice. Each of its characters including numbers and punctuation has that stable stroke and fine ligature. This font will decorate your design modestly, not too much, or less.  

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2. Janji Cinta


Janji Cinta is a brush pen handwritten style that also is slightly slanted in terms of its characters’ lines. That attribute has an intimate feel that is pleasing to read. With some serif touch, Janji Cinta would not only beautify your wedding invitation but also a wide range of visual design projects. 

3. Virgi Ella

mOfnPKnJINX buSmLuXLy8ObGbRa_03WOyfQs0hV3R7l2THajNnnj8NJGNQbRqd49 crdwtKvNUXDy1iaFsiVp2dHTDa1X7y3hES9J4momWo4izaes5KgQ EZpFYU8OWoCYeZQHo25XBQTCz3iYbYpU

Show a little more femininity by using handwritten calligraphy wedding invitations! Virgi Ella is one of the modern calligraphy crafted by String Lab Creative, specifically to beautify your wedding designs. In addition to its multilingual support, you also can opt to use the stylistic alternate styles for both the lowercase and uppercase of its alphabets. 

4. Vivy Aquilla

HcMe6QI6gyQiBPZXZcLBq9RI oS6AkuMtj81YERGjXMRstw9wHQJ E_jg4pgaQ7yJxhhsNg2GPFOs6wS98x v2gyI qr8AG9aD ExYt7ZzhB8jMqiph2AhBrRYeTWI_hBPDp7I1veNamFHx7mnIDy M

Vivy Aquilla font has an authentic handwritten look since it was created using brush pen strokes. It has swash with stylistic alternates and ligatures that will be your favorite once you use them to write your save-the-date invitation. 

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5. Mystic Darling

F2Z y3Ht2d5xDlKD6r92SYNZR_ONKfsaY__vgcQXHMaouFEZD0Yc2jUogDbzlhJvEZxKdZ0owS8PnD94E2kVQjJY0OpsCg8ybL5bHK EsfBSvAaC9KlipKIHhD0kzyMC5RF2ZSjY7QilJl5S8dc9o1Y

Presenting you with another choice of more feminine handwritten font styles with Mystic Darling. With modern and clean readability, its uppercase would fit beautifully as your invitation headlines or to present the bride and groom’s name on it. 

6. The Gallery

Icde30aAZ0ASXOrr 0PO782Idn62UErvW dFl92M FWQRuPqWL 5ncwt9oHnKPuK2wA0mOmyjnrhroQmOdvxFiOIbcRdglD98M7mTTAGqG1Bcn7mg Nxgp5te3wUmT3PMD 9iJ_8ssOTKEsL0JsZBb0

Should wedding invitations be handwritten with a sleek look in a retro style,  choose The Gallery font. All of its characters have the same width which makes it more legible for any age level. Moreover, you’ll notice that they also have identical stroke weights, making them pleasant to look at. 

7. Melvina Wayne

o3Bw9RLaeu3EvnGdwd6bsEvOT47nbjvDZW4WpxZi2pitR0prgs6skKae8Goam F0XeoXzOCDOVZTviVV oGLjjm6N4aJpnPw2COSrB 5dH77pdgrE9ACyACAoqg2bFwNLfSFwRSI4zHDF7cIBGf8WgY

While categorized as a calligraphy handwriting font style, Melvina Wayne does not have many decorative elements. The thin stroke weight of this font makes it seem casual, yet luxurious at the same time. 

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8. Bethan White

yzyrbwfb8izZxmH2nos7ZtulwcU0MmCuksD_sKVAXkXix8SSp08eBq2YQmevq5Pzqp_9c DHc2Hlzj_YP xoPC3ypNrtCJG7W8i FI6kl4_K7oPPBccJDAMpmieVl9aqVcUfpv6IeNkiZ1BDmr8BkkE

A little different compared to the previous ones on the list, Bethan White does not provide stylistic alternatives. Yet, the uppercase and lowercase alphabets, the punctuation, and the numbering style are uniquely minimalist. Bethan White tends to bring a cute and formal look.

9. Ingkar Janji

Hfo2ZyoIjDHyz5FXDtDuJsrCrnGtMfcfV_RaU4tKG2rnlJXpEW2Tp9upZIcGXyjbjXYP7QqLr_SX5k9yx7YOrg_H7tjq5Wb_085_V81hG8DoFMeVxCvVdEUs9 KFQQS1lgKxzCaWZPHnM4ykjZonqsM

Unlike the meaning of its name which will become “breaking promise” in English, Ingkar Janji signature type of handwritten font won’t break its promise to create stunning handwritten wedding invitations. The glyphs of Ingkar Janji look like handwriting from the century’s era yet it still is stylish for this modern time. 

10. Hesty Aqaky

Bfejra__mQESjhIZQED3S0jzORKlbRbdhYfOzmX5LL5pCnT7mCQclve3_aEA5gP RG60wJwaeGOUzYgfWEBJLtKvHCbtxCt1nA11cmra4wCX1x_HtMI5Y7_FcyKDSvjRif51Q7P1SVvrAhc50ICNhaA

Hesty Aqaky font raises the classic script font style level. Comes with a very decorative attribute with serif in each of its glyphs, you can combine the use of regular upper and lowercase ligatures, also alternate styles to build a romantic impression.

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11. Angelina Rahmy

FF6arN3Rt0bfSXrPqXOPIDg1Dq4Uiez37oXJYahPFkClXZcAYj1Ulsk5W78zy0BIelBhtGmNp4cNbhGYk7gyUrXS_h_ZqL_8  s1EjA9MZNI_a2g9tGRE7vikrFkLJI71y8DIASqaQZCS23qG7WJiAo

An exquisite script typeface Angelina Rahmy is! The smooth italic with few condensed strokes does not make its characters look boring. Rather it strengthens its glamorous calligraphic side, perfect for an elegant wedding invitation text. 

12. Beauty Heart

me4nyJ8JLET4PnyMLoKZ0sy1zkrn3IWHpD9UtXD3R0 5r2vkkQnw0lAQgqqG2lJK1S8AC1upILrcrO_v5zZ_um0_NVUT59upjegEUlXFlTjuJ J8n4afbldxVM5 o9uGQEeG3miepI1wjCXeRzWXUEg

The strokes of this font are finer than the rest of the list. Its serif touch in the form of curvy lines makes this font somehow look more modern rather than classic. With a clean and minimalist style, you surely can incorporate Beauty Heart in wedding design projects, and even for business cards or social media posts. 

13. Betharia Classy

qcFUvd8gAj7Vgm_A Rf4E4kc1dK4ADt5j75Gsx9k71C 6qDc9rC3e_rT Y9EO4dvDPR3UZZD4o16acd7HrPFtyj8HVlzNeagFfXVN2k563X3m69E4gbKC2sqYL5igKI9 DUbr6aNQ5xcaGTQCW1232Y

Put this classy modern script font in your wedding invitation and brighten up the mood. Betharia Classy has another touch of minimalist handwritten font style. What distinguishes it from other script fonts in the list is how playful it also can be, even if you put it against a dark-colored background. 

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14. Virgiluna

6a5rUNRAe60YZlmlbxOeHl6Ki_o793eMrcjr6 HmneGNll HV2457 NAjDVpctAXkrg7595AHjdw7qBKJbNCGhCg7M7ZMATYFe8jVnAWTrNrRGQZI5GFx lX6LN10Rsgjy9_sLa cVFGP C3Ho_uZec

You can see sleek curves and swash in Virgiluna as it was crafted with an authentic pen by the creator. If you want to create a fancy wedding invitation style, just combine Virgiluna’s regular font with the lowercase alternates. 

15. Marelan

y GJ_3kNeCn37ByOK8MvdQHvQljLn6MTd3vlPk6N0AF9j5wx 5kXoK2xWYyekn6HQM4LorIqtzl1BaQgvq vcbsW5rBGnBzgYriUKXmJYPt24OfSpmXucH5HjRC  XWeCPU3WRXfq7GPW28fjqnssGY

Marelan is one of a kind with its paint texture and casual glyph style. On the contrary, the handwritten wedding invitations font has a strong character that differentiates them from their homologous in the list. You can balance its masculinity using its feminine ligatures. 

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Should Wedding Invitations be Handwritten?

There’s no fixed type of font to use for the wedding invitation. Still, with the handwritten font, the invitation feels more friendly and intimate. It also gives the invitation an impressive look. If you’re unsure about which type of font you should use for your design projects, go check out the String Labs Creative page for more options! Then, prepare the budget to find your preferred styles for only $29!

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