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10+ Best Japanese Style Fonts for Your Cute Design

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Japanese style font is a lettering style that is very unique since it embraces the traditional intricate letters and emotion. Luckily, there are fantastic arrays of Japanese font collections that allow you to apply them to your designs. Read more to find our fonts recommendations!

10 Exquisite Japanese Font Collections

Japanese style fonts are unique designs that can portray the cultural touch of these countries. Below are some of our recommendations:

1. Osake Font

image 5

The first font that comes first is Osake. As you can see, this font has authentic and bold strokes that represent the Japanese style. In addition, we also like how it uses the brush to make it look like Japanese calligraphy. It also combines unique cultural elements in every glyph.

With its strong touch of Japanese culture, it’ll be ideal in Japanese restaurants, Japanese arts, and other Japanese culture-related businesses. Moreover, it also includes a complete collection of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbering, and punctuations that you can get for only $29 for a desktop license.

2. Zenghief Font

image 8

Looking for a font with hand brush touch? Then, this Zenghief is worth the second. This script has a Japanese modern hand brush style. It’s made of digital hand brush pen strokes that allow it to have an authentic concept. Overall, this font is the perfect option for wedding invitations, fashion brands, business cards, etc.

3. Ungai

image 2

This Ungai font is designed cutely with the combination of the English alphabet and Japanese kanji. It is also very bold and stands out as a focal point and large copy. Furthermore, the decorative nature makes it great for short text but can be highly difficult to read on long text.

4. Sunrize

image 4

Here is another creative font with a Japanese style and English letters called Sunrize font. It has extremely unique styles with many letterforms. With its style and form it absolutely portrays the Japanese style. However, ensure that the copy is large and clear enough such as the title, since it’s pretty hard to read.

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5. Hiro Misake

image 1

The Hiro Misake font is a Japanese style font handwritten that has clear brush authenticity. Moreover, the brush font is very visible, flexible, and scales nicely. This handwritten font will stand out in large sizes and still has good readability in medium sizes. In the smaller size, the readability is solid but somehow it will lose the details.

6. Tokyo Knights


Next is the Tokyo Knights font which has a thick and bold form. This Japanese font download file is pretty complete with no lack of variations. For instance, it includes the simple, italic, and accented letters.

7. Kamikaze

image 10

The Kamikaze is one of the typical Japanese style fonts that is very popular. It is one of the parts of the bold font family that is based on Darrell Flood’s “Japanese 3017” typeface. But, it has many adjustments to present the new form and style.

8. Harukaze

image 7

Love brush-style font? Then, you can consider this Harukaze font that adopts the brush and Japanese traditional style with bold and powerful themes. The stroke is also pretty bold and has beautiful patterns that look natural. Overall, it will be great for visual aids that associate with culture.

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9. Niagato

image 6

The Niagato font is an all-in-one that brings a kawaii style, traditional, and mysterious touch. Additionally, it also offers the OTF, TTF, and also all standard letters. So, it will provide you with the flexibility and option to type any text. It has a clean brush, not that natural and the boldness makes it very readable.

10. Sujoka

image 3

Last but not the least is Sujoka font which has unique stylish curves. The font has thick and beautiful curves that make it ideal for book, logo, and movie text design. The remarkable designs also resemble hiragana that are eye-catching and can be a great representation of Japanese culture.

Let’s Create Enchanting Designs with Japanese Style Font!

The Japanese style fonts above are our best recommendations to create a stunning design. But, don’t limit your creativity to only those fonts, you can explore a library of captivating fonts in StringLabs. Thus, visit now to browse the fonts collections at $29!

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