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10+ Cute Handwritten Font Most Elegant and Flowing

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Fonts are an important element in a design because they can convey the feel you want. Therefore, you have to increase your knowledge about various types of fonts so you can find the proper one. If you are working on a poster design, book cover, invitation card, greeting card, or logo, then you can choose a cute handwritten font.

Keep scrolling through this article to get lots of font recommendations that will make your design look more elegant and artsy.

Best Handwritten Font

Let’s take a peek at some of the types of fonts below to beautify and give a luxurious touch to your design.

1. Saling Cinta

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If you are looking for writing with a natural and flowing handwritten accent, then you can consider the Saling Cinta font. The style is similar to pencil or pen writing because the letters are not too bold. In addition, the spacing between letters is wide enough to improve legibility. 

2. Allison Franco

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You can choose the Allison Franco font to design a book title or poster because all the letters are bold. This will greatly support its readability.

Even though the spacing between the letters is quite close, that doesn’t make it look clustered. Smooth strokes add a sweet, cute, and elegant touch to your designs.

3. Sanju Vony

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Bringing a touch of elegance and luxury to your design is very possible if you choose the Sanju Vony Font. This handwritten script font has a proportional design so it won’t make the design look chaotic.

Interestingly, the letters in the Sanju Vony font use thick and thin strokes on one side. However, the dominant font presents a bold appearance. You can use some letters such as g, j, y, a, h, m, and n with a wavy stroke at the bottom.

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4. Lentera Hati

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If you want a casual design concept and a cheerful touch, try using the Lentera Hati font. The strokes on each letter have the same thickness and are spaced quite apart.

The Lentera Hati font looks like a semi-cursive typeface, giving it a casual but elegant touch. You can use this font for brand names, logos, or greeting cards.

5. Sugano

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Sugano font can be the best recommendation if the target audience for your design is children because it can bring a cheerful and vibrant vibe.

This font with a bold appearance also has letter strokes that will make the design neat and have good readability. Some letters have an additional wavy line design at the bottom. The strokes will make the design appear natural.

6. Virgi Ella

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Handwritten calligraphy font is suitable for creating invitation designs. Try for a touch of sweetness and romance using the Virgi Ella font. This font makes semi-cursive writing accented with strokes like plant vines. Even so, this sweet and dazzling appearance does not reduce the readability of the writing.

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7. Butterfly


Another recommendation is the Butterfly font with a cute and adorable letter design. The dominant display of letters is bold with a touch of thinner strokes. Also, some of the letters have a curly design which makes them look cute and alluring. 

8. Anttariksa

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Bring a dramatic impression to the design you created by choosing the Anttariksa font. How could that be? Because this font looks like a brush stroke. The uneven brush stroke accent gives a cool artistic touch. This font includes numbers and symbols as well.

9. Virgiluna

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Virgiluna font will never fail to bring out a cute and sweet design vibe. This cursive writing is decorated with curly strokes at the top and bottom of the writing. However, the writing still looks neat and clear.

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10. Rathury

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The Rathury font can also be an alternative choice of adorable fonts. You can use this font if your target audience is women. The letter design in this font uses curly details that form a heart knot. Interestingly, the features presented are also very complete.

11. Miya Wayne

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The Miya Wayne font is the best choice if you want to present a casual yet elegant look. At the beginning and end of the writing, wavy lines give it an elegant and artistic touch. Furthermore, this cursive writing is comfortable to read even though it uses light strokes.

Do You Need More Cute Handwritten Font Recommendations?

Cute fonts uplift the mood well. Besides the above mentioned fonts, you can get many other adorable cute handwritten font choices by visiting StringLabs. There are many different types of fonts that you can use to bring certain vibes to your design. Take your best chance!

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