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12 Best Playful Fonts for Cartoon, Children or Birthday

June 11, 2023
image 26

Why use the choices of playful fonts? Well, the reasons are that this kind of decorative font style provides not only a more open counter but also they are generally more legible. In addition, this typeface also livens up the mood. 

So if you work for any less formal design projects, scroll down and find 12 hand-picked fonts which have that whimsical tone!

12 Recommended Playful Fonts for Amusing Design Projects 

Here are the choices to make your design projects amusing and fresh!

1. Brightly Crush

image 29

The name reflects the attributes this typeface has. Brightly Crush was made specifically to fit into projects related to kids. You can use them as text elements in comics, cartoons, cards, or any kindergarten studies elements. 

Each of the font characters is not pointy. They have open and rounded counters, yet are light in terms of weight. Brightly Crush has two styles that bring a happy mood while looking fertile. You can choose the regular or shiny style that suits your design project. 

2. Twenty Senja 

image 24

Fun yet humble is the fitting description of Twenty Senja. While it looks like a playful cursive font, each of its characters is still readable. 

Hence, you can use this typeface not only for comic or cartoon text but also for many other projects. Including stationary, menu books, printing designs, and product packaging. All in all, Twenty Senja is an all-purpose font style. 

3. Rox Display

image 31

Invite anyone to celebrate the joy you feel using this youthful font! Rox Display is a chunky kind of fun font style. Combine Rox Display font with a dark or pastel-colored background, using various colors to spark up your gathering invitation, festivals, or any school projects. 

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4. School Kid

image 33

Create fresh yet captivating design materials with School Kid! The characters’ proper large and leading makes the font pleasant and friendly to read for younger readers. 

School Kids are suitable to create typefaces for cartoons, games, or school and education. Containing all-caps characters, this font provides multilingual support. 

5. Comic Dylans

image 27

Generally, you need to avoid condensed typefaces when choosing playful style fonts. However, Comic Dylans looks cute and still readable with the quite dense characters it has. Apply a warm yet colorful palette when using this font to make your design project more eye-catchy. 

6. Travis Zone

image 26

Remember the Looney Tunes cartoon back in the 90s? One of the kind style fonts in the list that can bring back that retro playful font of Looney Tunes’ animation cover text is Travis Zone.  Some of its alphabets have stylistic alternate touch which make it more decorative compared to other fonts in the list. 

This font fits perfectly as a video game logo or text, school-related posters, and even product packaging. 

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7. Weatpoint

image 25

Who says that scripted font style can not be cheerful and fun? Weatpoint proves it wrong! With children in mind, Stringlabs has specifically crafted this font. The font has various concepts, including modern and professional touch also creativity on top of it.  

Yet, each glyph provides a striking readability, suitable for kindergarten and playground design materials, comics, and any other kid-related projects. 

8. Super Kids

image 23

Bringing that nostalgic nuance into the design while being playful is certainly possible with Super Kids. You see that this font has that serif touch with bold character lines. It is best to apply it in cartoon and comic projects. 

9. The Comic Struve

image 22

The Comic Struve is a combination of loose handwritten typeface with the cute playful kid font you see in this recommendation list. Its relatively thin glyphs make the fonts more readable yet pretty pair to comical visual design elements. You can apply this font to generate game cards, book covers, or casual greeting cards for kids’ projects.

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10. Baby Angel

image 30

Tell your tale with a bit of the decorative touch style of Baby Angel. This font’s decorative swash touch has put a quirky and playful touch to your visual design project. The kids will love reading the title of children’s illustrated books since it also provides clear readability. 

11. Tulis Yuk!

image 28

A seeming kid’s hand-written typeface with casual yet firm strokes and lines. With thin blocks, Tulis Yuk! is surely an inviting reading element as headlines or titles in cards, cartoons, and school poster designs. Still, with the uppercase and lowercase available in the package, you may use them as body text as well. 

12. The Swarm

image 32

Introducing a package of playful font alphabet in brush textured of The Swarm. This fun font style will look incredibly attractive for any type of visual display you want to produce. Keep it light when combining The Swarm in your design. 

However, make sure to put an adequate color contrast between the font and the background to give a crisp look. 

Need More Playful Font Options?

While 12 gives you quite a number in the recommendation list, our creative studio still has assorted alternatives of fun font styles. Just visit String Labs Creative to find more of them and other types of unique fonts according to your taste. Are you ready to enjoy the $29 deal for any type of font?

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