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15 Retro Bold Font, Special List for Vintage Lovers!

February 22, 2024

The nostalgic feeling you get when seeing vintage elements, including retro bold font style. works like magic to branding or website design. If you fancy that type of typeface, pick one of the font choices featured in the following explanation. 

Turn Vintage into Modern Visual Style Using The Bold Retro Font!

Retro font and its derivative types can help provide a louder statement that grabs attention instantly. Therefore, this typeface is best to use as the heading or title part of your web, posters, or other communication and marketing channels and forms. 

1. Oaklash

Oaklash comes in an oblique style and brings vibes of the 80s. This styling makes each of the characters look sporty enough yet classy at the same time. 

2. Rayhue

This curated retro font shows a somewhat feminine touch through the swash and its stylistic alternates. However, Rayhue still can tweak bold and masculine sides for various men’s products or brands such as barbershops, shoe brands, or coffee shops.

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3. Brogads

Although the name is seemingly related to men, this retro Brogads typeface manifests itself in more feminine strokes. Brogads’ alternate glyphs have handwritten styles which make it also look romantic and elegant as a wedding invitation or elegant brand visual element.  

4. Magic Wand

If you look for a really groovy and classy retro bold font, Magic Wand is your big bold retro font choice! The style of this typeface is quirkily ornamental with neat strokes that match various creative products, like DIY or posters. 

5. Biyonella

Biyonella will liven up your creative design materials with its thick weight and curvy characteristics. This font is strong enough to energize headings or titles for branding. 

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6. The Amigos Script

Pick the Amigos Script as your perfect choice if you love to have retro types in handwritten or script style. Its strong point is the decent level of legibility with refreshing-looking- stylistic alternates and swashes. 

7. Recollet

This retro bold font appears quite chunky, but that’s the part that displays the retro side of Recollet. The stylistic initial and ending form of each character make them look trendy and casual, good for branding and logo. 

8. Anhattan

Even though this typeface has an ornamental initial and ending form, Anhattan provides you a strong presence of 80’s retro style with a modern feel. Both form a classy and elegant retro font. 

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9. Cameliya

Cameliya is a bold script retro font that presents a stunning look with the multiform of swashes, and lovely choices of glyphs. This artistic script retro typeface is versatile for countless visual design projects. 

10. Anjelica Script

Coming with the thin width and weight of each of its characters, Anjelica Script seems more like a handwritten typeface. Yet, there is a nostalgic and vintage taste that makes it befitting for retro-style clothing design, or even web banners and photography. 

11. Restu Bundah

The vintage font has diverse derivative styling including stencil, stamp, and script. In case you look for a combination of eccentric and elegant taste, Restu Bundah comes in stamp and italic styles. The style mentioned seems to accentuate the retro touch. 

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12. Patric Zihva

Patric Zihva is a big bold script font with rounded strokes. The readability of its glyphs is clear, even in the stylistic ligatures and serif styling ligatures. In addition, you can use this as a magazine headline font, and also men’s product logo. 

13. Montages

Made with the hand brush method, Montages has bold decorative styles, showcased with alternates and ligatures. Some of the characters have a chunky look but are still readable as branding elements. 

14. Rista Hafiq

This curvy Rista Hafiq has sleek strokes with proportional weight and width in each of its glyphs. It will be a great move to put this font in the logo, product packaging, and invitation. 

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15. The Anthelope

Make your visual design project more groovy by applying a script retro font, The Anthelope. It comes with various glyph choices, including elegant swashes and alternates along with swashes. 

2 Basic Aspects to Observe Before Choosing a Retro Bold Font 

You can optimize the text using the retro font style by bringing contrast to all the graphic design elements, including text and background colors. Besides, ensuring that the font legibility is compatible for various all kinds of devices and sizes. 

In case you are interested in buying a licensed version of one of the listed fonts, go check out the StringLabs page and get the best offer! So, are you ready to use the font and enhance your performance in design?

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