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Meet Osake Font, The Swanky Japanese Brush Font!

February 22, 2024
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Running a business or event related to Japan or with a Japanese theme? Make sure to implement the Osake font from String Labs Creative for your design’s element! This ethnic font style has a strong Japanese impression that aligns with the brand’s or product theme mentioned. Let’s dig deeper into this artistic font style!

Meet the Osake Font, the Extraordinary Japanese Brush Font

The Osake typeface is one of the eccentric fonts crafted by String Labs Creative. This font mimics the style of the Japanese brush, making it look like Japanese calligraphy. Therefore, this font will be great for adding personality and personal interest related to the cultural ties to create your unique style. 

Meet Osake Font, The Swanky Japanese Brush Font!
Preview of Osake Font

This font has brave strokes, fluid curves, and expressive lettering. Thus, the font has versatility for many design projects, especially displays, like logos, and posters, to brochures that radiate Japanese style or culture to the core. 

Osake combines the traditional style of Japanese calligraphy with a modern touch through its minimalist design, with less ornament. As a result, this font exudes a sense of playful, artistic, classic, and cultivated. 

This font has various formats that you can use for many purposes. The font formats include TTF, OTF, WOFF, and WOFF2.  Additionally, you can use the font on a PC or Mac with easy installation. 

Once you installed the font on your PC, you can use it on all software, like Microsoft Office products, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Moreover, this font has multilingual support.

There is a free version of this font that you can download. However, you must buy the license to use the full version for commercial purposes.

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Where to Utilize This Japanese Brush Font?

Although the usage of the Osake font seems limited to Japanese-related activities, you can employ this font for numerous kinds of media, like the brand’s logos, posters, and advertisements. Let’s find out how you can maximize the function of this font to create a strong Japanese style in your designs.

1. Japanese-themed Event Poster Design

Event Poster Design with Osake Font

Poster design is essential to attract audiences regarding an event. The poster should be able to deliver the message and atmosphere you want to share.  Hence, it sticks to the targeted audience. When you want to hold a Japanese-themed event, you must make a poster that is strongly attached and represents that very theme. 

By utilizing the Osake typeface, you will surely create an engaging atmosphere with Japanese style, making the concept perceptible to the audience. 

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2. Japanese-themed Business Advertisement Design

Similar to the previous point, font selection can also be crucial for advertisement as well. Each type of font for text elements represents different personalities. You can combine fonts to create your brand image, but your design must be consistent. Thus, you must ensure the fonts reflect your business.

Using Osake Font for Ad Design

Suppose you establish a Japanese-related business, such as a Japanese food restaurant. You surely need to incorporate matching visual elements into the brand theme and values. The Osake font can help your business to express the Japanese tone in your advertising. 

With classic Japanese-like calligraphy of the font, you can convey the proper message and notion through the ad while stamping your brand identity to the audience.

3. Japanese Merhandise Design

T-shirt Design in Japanese Theme using Osake Font

This Japanese-style font also fits for design merchandise, such as T-shirts. The strongly brush-looking characters of this font have a mix of modernity and a classical Japanese vibe will create astounding design products that catch people’s attention.

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4. Poster for Japanese Movie

Osake Font for Film Poster Design

Usually, movie posters come with casual yet realistic designs and visual elements. Hence, designers need to incorporate a bold yet minimalist font style.

Since the letters form of the Osake typeface has a handwriting style in uppercase, it provides a casual vibe. The contrast is just adequate while the whole letter form is bold which makes its legibility is also eye-pleasing. Those characters make this font a great pair for a movie poster that has a connection with Japanese culture. 

5. Japanese-themed Book Cover Design

The Osake font comes in handy for designing a book cover that represents a strong yet loose character. You can use the font for any book type, like novels and magazines that uplift those values. 

Not only it will help you to highlight a strong bond to Japan ties, if any, but you may also use this font to spice your book cover with an eccentric tone.  

Magazine Cover Design with Osake Font
Osake Font for Novel Cover Design

6. Eye-catching Headings for Digital Media

Digital media like websites, landing pages, and social media content is essential to increase brand awareness and build engagement with the audience. Certainly, you need to establish a brand identity that includes an exclusive option of fonts that represent your brand the most.

Osake Font on Digital Content Design

While the Osake typeface is deeply rooted in Japanese culture, you may also use this font for other brand identity themes. The brush-style calligraphic fonts provide a mood of quirkiness yet exclusive, boldness, and personal tones. 

The solid forms with bold strokes of Osake typeface make it an eligible option to generate impressive short-text headings, or initials in various digital content designs. 

Combination with sans-serif font will create a classic Japanese vibe with a casual tone design.  

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Show the Japanese Atmosphere in Your Design with Osake Font!

Osake font is undoubtedly a perfect choice for designing Japanese-themed project designs. With this font, you can express more of a Japanese vibe with the feeling of classical, artistic, and playfulness. Hence, you can show the world your spectacular design with this font. 

String Labs 550 Font Bundle Package

You can find Osake on StringLabs’ official website. There are also more awesome fonts that may draw your interest. 

If you prefer to purchase a font bundle, StringLabs offers the 550 font bundle with a worldwide corporate license. The package gives you more flexibility for commercial use rather than buying the lower one.

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