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Chinese Calligraphy Font: Top 21 Options For Your Design

February 22, 2024
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One of the best ways to bring out a design’s elegant and graceful vibe is to use a Chinese calligraphy font. This font is highly recommended for invitations, certificates, and even book designs.

Are you wondering which fonts are the most suitable for your needs? Worry not because we have summarized the top 21 elegant Chinese fonts for you! Here we go!

21 Chinese Calligraphy Fonts for Your Design

Let’s jump straight into the recommendation for Chinese calligraphy font below!

1. Beauty Heart

Beauty Heart

Looking for a fancy and mesmerizing font for wedding invitations, business cards, and logo brands? Look no further because Beauty Heart is specially made for that purpose! With the elegant brush Chinese calligraphy font, this font will be suitable for you.

2. Virgi Ella

Virgi Ella

With a feminine touch, this handwriting script font is often dedicated to wedding invitations and anniversary cards. Virgi Ella is a great choice if you want to highlight femininity. 

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3. Brightside


Brightside is a modern font that is well-balanced and suitable for any occasion. Its beautiful strokes and shadow enhance the form of the font, making it a unique font to use.

4. Butterfly


Butterfly is a handwritten font with the characteristic of sophisticated and refined. Because of its fluidity, this font matches any type of design. So, unleash your creativity with Butterfly!

5. Southiya


Southiya is a versatile refined font that you can use for brochures, magazines, logo brands, T-shirt designs, and many more. The best part of this font is its modernity and simplicity.

6. Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a luxurious font that is perfect for business cards and signatures. This font was made using a modern digital brush pen stroke, which is why it looks unique.

7. Fendysa


A beautifully made romantic script font, Fendysa is perfect for DIY projects that you might have in mind. Release your imagination and make art with this lovable font.

8. The Angelica 

The Angelica 

The next font is The Angelica. It has a casual vibe and is suitable for business cards, logo brands, signatures, and wedding invitations.

9. Carmelia


Carmelia is a fresh and modern font that can be applied to any type of design according to your creativity. Whether you want to use it as your brand’s font or products, it will be a great option. 

10. Arionna


As a modern calligraphy font, Arionna is flexible and can be used for different varieties. Therefore, you are free to use the font for any affair. 

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11. Rathury


Rathury is a trendy font that will look good to be used in social media. With its lovely swashes, the font is charming and good for youngsters.

12. Virgiluna


Being a handwritten font made from an original brush pen, Virgiluna is eye-catching and unique. The usage of this font is not limited to one specific purpose, but rather it is flexible for any kind of usage.

13. Amelliz


If you need a graceful and dignified font, then Amelliz is the answer. The elegant strokes of brush will make you enchanted with this form.

14. Rachelyne 


Rachelyne is a casual and modern font that is suitable for different purposes, such as logo brands, invitations, business cards, and signatures.

15. Regalhisa


This font matches the vibe of the younger generation due to its cool and simple design. So, Regalhisa will catch the interest of the young people.

16. Brittany Angella

Brittany Angella

Because the design of this font is sweet and appealing, many use it for wedding invitations and anniversaries. Indeed, elegance is the main point of Brittany Angella.

17. Awely Shiny

Awely Shiny

From the first look, you can see how refined this font is. Combining both elegance and originality, Awely Shiny is a font that is classic but still casual. Thus, it is a perfect option for women accessories. 

18. Stringlabs Creative

Stringlabs Creative

This font is a mix of bold and classy styles. Due to its boldness, Stringlabs Creative is most suitable for motorcycle clubs, barbershops, coffee shops, and many more.

19. Reinstay


Reinstay is a distinctive font made from a digital brush pen. The stroke of this font is textured, making it different from other fonts.

20. Binttang Selfianto

Binttang Selfianto

For DIY projects, Binttang Selfianto is one of the best! It is simple yet modern and flexible for any kind of usage.

21. Dianora


A font that is lovely with a romantic vibe, Dianora is a good choice if you have a project related to romanticism. So, will you use this font to enhance romanticism in your design?

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Emphasize Your Design With Chinese Calligraphy Font

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Now that you already know the top 21 best Chinese calligraphy fonts, you might wonder where to get the font. Luckily, StringLabs Creative is here to help you by providing a Chinese brush calligraphy font download.

With the price of $5550, you can get a 550-font bundle that already has a corporate license. Various types of fonts might catch your interest and the price is quite low compared to the total of the font. So, what are you waiting for? Check their website for further information now!

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