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15 Paint Brush Font Textured for Your Beautiful Style Design

February 22, 2024
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Many designers use paint brush font to produce stylish and artistic images. One brush stroke of paint can give an artistic, elegant, and expensive impression at the same time. If you are interested in similar designs and want to expand your creativity with a more artistic look, just like your brand. Then, this article is for you!

15 Paint Brush Font Will Make Your Design Stylish and Artistic

Without spending any longer, let’s take a look at the 15 recommendations below!

1. Hiruzen Exist

Hiruzen Exist Font

A textured brush font can make your wish come true to produce a unique, artistic design, but it doesn’t take away from the stylish impression. Hiruzen Exist is a typical brush font that is heavy and beautiful. This font would be suitable for display in a fancy, or oriental, design.

2. Osake

Osake Font

If you want to get a more oriental look, but also stylish then this paint brush font from Osake is the best. This design has the appearance of strong paint strokes, giving it an adorable, Japanese-style oriental theme. You can download it at String Labs Creative. 

3. Ghost Brush

Ghost Brust Font

One of the easiest brush font styles to find, like this Ghost Brush, makes it easier for you to apply to a variety of designs. If you look at the texture and bold design, this font is also suitable as a display font.

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4. The Jupines

The Jupines Font

Another brush font that looks quite heavy and is suitable for display on your template is The Jupines. This font has a clear brush texture, a bold font size, and a beautiful script font style. You can find this beautiful font at Dafont.com.

5. Brushy

Brushy Font

Brushy is one of the paint brush fonts that you will love if you need a design with a younger and wild theme. Each alphabet has a consistent emphasis, but a freestyle. It felt like you could write down whatever you wanted.

6. Ragnar

Ragnar Font

Do you like art brush fonts that have unique designs? Ragnar can be the best font choice for you. You can understand that this design from Ragnar will make a strong impression. The appearance is bold, with a collection of uppercase letters making this suitable for display on artistic templates.

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7. Studio Brush

Studio Brush Font

As the name implies, Studio Brush is a basic bold font type. This paint brush font style is even more interesting because there are brush strokes that make it simple but beautiful. Get this font free at Dafont.com.

8. Amy Riyas

Amy Riyas Font

Amy Riyas gives a unique hand brush look. You can see it from the appearance of a classier marker texture. In addition, this kind of font will suit you in a chic, romantic, and feminine design.

9. Candy Qelling

Candi Qelling Font

Do you need something beautiful for your minimalist and luxurious design? This Candy Qelling will make yours perfect. As a brush font, the texture on Candy Qelling will give any design a minimalist and elegant look.

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10. Brushwell

Brushwell Font

Just looking at it you can already realize that Brushwell is so beautiful. This elegant, light but luxurious brush font effect is suitable for you to apply to beautiful and romantic designs.

11. Raffles Bryant

Rafless Bryant Font

Raffles Bryant is a brush script font that has a firm texture painting but is also stylish. Another interesting thing is that the style belonging to the Raffles Bryant font has beautifully detailed brush strokes. It gives the impression of luxury, and artistic at the same time.

12. Georgia Brush

Georgia Brush Font

Similar but not the same is the definition of a brush font. You may often see font designs like Georgia Brush, but this one is much more unique. It has a rough, clean sans, and script font design. This font is even suitable for vintage designs.

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13. Andovine

Andovine Font

Andovine typeface hand brush is suitable as a display for your beautiful designs because of the unique uppercase design. Moreover, this paint brush font gives off a vintage and eccentric impression that you might find hard to find in any design.

14. Aerobrush

Aerobrush Font

Aerobrush is a hand-brush font that is more playful and young, making this Aerobrush suitable for ambitious and young designs. Prefer it for display? Then, the uppercase design collection from Aerobrush will be your favorite.

15. Rockbrush

Rockbrush Font

There are many types of brush fonts that you may not have explored so far. Is Rockbrush one of them? This typical brush font will adapt markers and can make your designs more varied and stunning.

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Paint Brush Font for a Perfect Change!

You need to make the design a charming whole appearance. One way is to find which font can define your brand design. Discover more gorgeous fonts at String Labs Creative. For only $29, all your designs will automatically be perfect. So, start shopping now!

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