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10 Captivating Futuristic Font that Will Take You to Space

February 22, 2024
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Need a font with modern touching to it? Futuristic font is what you are looking for! Gigantic and bold are the main characteristics of this font. Not to mention the shadow that accompanies the font, making it more eye-catching.

This type of font is a good choice if you are working on a project related to space, technology, and sci-fi. Choosing the right font might be difficult but do not worry because this article will give you a list of some cool futuristic fonts. Continue reading this if you need some font recommendations for your project.

Top 10 Extraordinary Futuristic Font

You might be wondering which font is the best and where to find them. Stop worrying because we have concluded the top 10 best futuristic fonts. Here is a suggestion for the best futuristic font that might catch your interest:

1. Superbolt


Superbolt is a futuristic bold font with a techno feeling. This cool font is suitable for a title for a sci-fi movie or a UI design that is related to a space theme. Aside from that, it is also a good choice for albums, advertisements, and logo brands.

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2. Phoenix Gaming

Phoenix Gaming

As the name suggested, this incredibly fascinating font is great to use as a game font, both in video games and sports games such as football. Phoenix Gaming is a masculine, bold, and daring font. So, it will be eye-catching to those who see it.

3. Asteroid Type

Asteroid Type

From the first look, you can see how trendy and stunning Asteroid Type is. This type of font is a great choice for a futuristic movie title and advertisements because of its uniqueness and boldness. One glimpse will leave the viewer wanting to see more.

4. Super Punch

Super Punch

A gigantic word is highlighted by the shadow behind it, making this font suitable for title and UI design. It is also good for magazine covers because it can highlight the title. By using Super Punch on your project, no one will be able to look away from your design.

5. Welingtom


Welingtom is versatile and flexible to apply anywhere. Unleash your deepest imagination with this font, especially if you have a project related to a space theme. Additionally, it is also good for advertisements and posters.

6. Queental


Aside from the futuristic style, Queental is strong and fascinating. Since the font is so simple yet classy, it is a flexible font that can match any type of design like logo brand, title, and DIY projects.

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7. Fun Games

Fun Games

Looking for an outstanding and masculine font? Fun Games is the answer! This font will give a nice trendy and modern touch to your project. Therefore, it will look good to put on a poster or magazine advertisement.

8. Super Maizen

Super Maizen

As a futuristic font, Super Maizen brings something new by mixing a combination of masculine and modern styles. The result of that is amazing and by the look of it, this font will be good for title and UI design.

9. Roguedash


Looking for a futuristic font with a sporty image? Worry not because that is exactly what Roguedash has to offer! Who doesn’t like a masculine style mix with a sporty vibe? This font will fit as a sport logo brand, or even as the headline of a magazine.

10. Technocra


Technora is a futuristic sans font that is astounding in many ways. This font is usually used for logo brands or merchandise due to its uniqueness. Thus, if you have a project for merchandise, you can apply this font.

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Unleash Your Creativity With Futuristic Font!

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Now you know what is the characteristics of futuristic font and its purposes. This font is versatile in terms of usage and often used in technology-themed editing. One of the best ways to use this font is to use it for titles, subtitles, and UI design. The font has a contemporary feel to it and therefore it suits modern theme editing.

There are plenty of futuristic fonts waiting for you at StringLabs Creative’s official website. 550 fonts with a corporate license will be available to you at just the price of $5550. Alongside futuristic fonts, there are other extraordinary fonts there. So what are you waiting for? Quick, check it out!

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