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How to Sell Graphic Design: 5 Tips to Market Your Design Services

February 22, 2024
How to Sell Graphic Design 5 Tips to Market Your Design Services

Working in creative industries is such a great opportunity for artists and designers. Yet, one should know how to sell graphic design to help you get a profit from it. Also, you have to be ready for many challenges you might face. The following discussion assist you to be more prepared to sell your artwork to a broader audience. 

5 Important Steps in How to Sell Graphic Design

There are five pivotal steps you need to take in selling graphic design. Let’s check it out below!

1. Target Your Audience

When discussing the target audience, we also include what product you want to sell. Many products of graphic designs you can offer to your audience, such as logos, templates, illustrations, web designs, 3D models, or photography stocks. 

You also need to research your customers to know what they want by purchasing your product. Additionally, planning and researching your prospective customers allows you to set a reasonable price. 

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2. Select Your Platforms

Selecting your platform is the next step in how to sell your graphic designs. There are many platforms you could choose, like Gumroad, Fiverr, or even Patreon. Select the websites or platforms you can maintain easily and give you proper access to your audience. 

Planning everything before selling graphic designs

3. Showcase Your Best Artwork

One essential thing about selling a graphic design is to let your clients know about you and your capabilities. Therefore, you will need a portfolio to show them your best artwork. 

Be sure to put in your best work and make your clients amazed. This way, they might be interested in purchasing your services. 

4. Maintain a Network with Friends and Clients

Learning how to sell graphic design also includes maintaining a good network with friends and clients. Optimize your social media, like Instagram, X/Twitter, FaceBook, or even TikTok, to give a better engagement with your audience. 

Word-of-mouth marketing can impact your career in the graphic design realm. Through this approach, your audience might recommend your business to their friends or families. That is why you should give the best impression to your customers.

Another thing to consider is collaboration. Get in touch with your fellow artists to promote each other works. This way, you can reach a broad audience and connect with other artists and related communities. 

5. Commit to Your Work

As an artist, you must have a commitment to your work. It means you have to maintain all aspects of your job diligently. These aspects also include giving your audience new artwork, establishing networking, and your portfolio.

It sounds overwhelming, but it is the challenge. However, do not push yourself too hard. It is okay to take a break for a while to recharge energy. 

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The Best Places to Sell Your Design Online

After knowing the tips, you may wonder which sites to start selling your design graphic. Check out the list of our recommendations below!

1. Designhill

The dashboard of the Designhill website

As you grasp insights about how to sell graphic design online, why don’t you try this website? Designhill is a creative marketplace that provides high-quality artwork. Besides, this site allows you to sell your designs, like illustrations, logos, web design, print-on-demand apparel, home decor, and packaging effortlessly.

In addition to selling your product, you can also join contests to win the prize money. 

2. Creative Market

The Creative Market website to sell graphic design

Creative Market can be an alternative to Designhill. This website allows you to create and sell artwork online. In this platform, you can set your price for your graphics, photos, fonts, or 3D assets. Moreover, you may keep the 70% for each sale. 

3. Image Stock Websites

The Shutterstock website to sell graphic design

Selling your artwork to stock websites can be your consideration after learning how to sell graphic design. You can sell various design assets, like images or photography. Some of the most popular stock sites include Shutterstock, iStock, Adobe Stock, and Freepik

4. Fiverr 

The dashboard of the Fiverr website

Fiverr is a freelance platform that offers various services and is a great platform for beginner freelancers to connect with potential clients. A designer like you can also join here and offer your graphic design services. 

5. 99Designs

The dashboard of the 99Designs website

This website can be an alternative to Fiverr. 99Designs is also a great platform for freelance graphic designers to find prospective clients. You can easily offer diverse of design projects, such as flyers, brochures, web designs, logos, illustrations, and product packaging. 

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Have You Got It About How to Sell Graphic Design? 

Being a graphic designer is a long journey. You need more than a commitment to fulfill this career. Be sure to market your art well to increase sales by optimizing websites and tools to help you find prospective clients. Never give up on your passion, and enjoy every process you take. 

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