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Best Modern Blackletter Font for Gothic and Old School Vibes

February 22, 2024
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Fonts are an essential part of typography because they not only provide information but also give a touch of art and beauty. The choice of font type can also support the design theme that you want to convey. If you want to present an old-fashioned and gothic vibe, you can choose a modern blackletter font to emphasize your design concept.

There are many gothic fonts you can choose for various needs, such as making t-shirt designs, tattoos, posters, product names, and so on. Let’s check the following article to get font inspiration that suits your needs!

List of Modern Blackletter Fonts

Spice up your design by choosing some Blackletter fonts below!

1. The White Knight – Blackletter Font

The White Knight Font | Blackletter Font

You can make a standout design using a font with a gothic vibe by choosing The White Knight. Bold font design and spacing that are not too close together make this font have good legibility.

The White Knight – Blackletter Font

This font design combines classic and modern nuances, giving a high artistic touch. You can use The White Knight font to design CD covers or magazine headlines.

The White Knight – Blackletter Font

The simple yet artsy design is also suitable for writing product names or packaging. As the picture above, it is a good option for a match.  

The White Knight – Blackletter Font

In fact, The White Knight letter design is also suitable for business signs and name cards. Even though it has a gothic impression, this font has a sweet side because the capital letters design uses simple curly lines.

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2. Hellios Gothic – Blackletter Font

Blackletter Font | Hellios Gothic

The next modern blackletter font recommendation with excellent legibility is the Hellios Gothic font. This font provides only capital letters. In addition, the Hellios Gothic font also includes punctuation and numbers.

Hellios Gothic – Blackletter Font

Furthermore, tattoo art lovers can use the Hellios Gothic font to ink tattoos. Some of the letters in the Hellios Gothic font have line strokes with curly ends which make them look less rigid.

Hellios Gothic – Blackletter Font

This font will make your book cover more mesmerizing, whatever the genre is. 

Hellios Gothic – Blackletter Font

This font is suitable for business card designs, lighter packaging designs, and bottle label designs. If you are working on a project to design a book cover, you might consider this font to give it a dramatic, modern classic feel.

3. Livingstone – Blackletter Font

1 68

If you are looking for a font with a modern gothic and classic vibe with complete features, the Livingstone font is a great choice. Purchasing this font allows you to use uppercase, lowercase, symbols, numbers, and punctuation.

Livingstone – Blackletter Font

Not only is the font gothic but also it is a great match for t-shirt designs.

Livingstone – Blackletter Font

Since the font’s shape is a classic, using this choice for a Halloween poster can’t ever be a wrong choice. 

Livingstone – Blackletter Font

The uppercase design is enhanced with fine lines and curly edges. Meanwhile, the lowercase design is simple without additional strokes at the end of the letters. Given its excellent readability and charming design, you can use it for t-shirt designs, tattoo shop designs, restaurant signs, and Halloween posters.

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4. Wilson Wells – Blackletter Font

1 60

The next blackletter modern gothic font is the Wilson Wells font. The design of this font is very close to the vibe of blackletter, which is thick and firm lines. However, neither the uppercase nor the lowercase have any additional accents such as hats or curly strokes. 

Wilson Wells – Blackletter Font

Look at the picture, isn’t it amazing to use the font for a CD cover?

Wilson Wells – Blackletter Font

The font will also become impressive in your magazine’s fonts. Its classic stroke will attract buyers immediately. 

Wilson Wells – Blackletter Font

Even though it doesn’t give a lot of curly strokes or hats to the letters, the design of the letters isn’t monotonous. The uppercase lettering in Wilson Well has flame-like details on the vertical parts.

The simplicity of this design means that the readability level is very good. Plus, the Wilson Wells letter design also has a masculine vibe. Therefore, this font is perfect for making CD covers, t-shirt designs, magazine titles, tattoo art, and barber shop signboards.

5. Bahisy – Blackletter Font

1 1

This font has a very similar appearance to the Wilson Well font. Bahisy font also gives a strong masculine vibe but this font also gives a sweet touch. If the Willson Well font provides details such as flames with short and thick lines, then Bahisy has thin line strokes with curly tips.

Bahisy – Blackletter Font

One of the options you can use the font for a brand tag. 

Bahisy – Blackletter Font

As the picture portrays, this Bahisy will make a great signboard. 

Bahisy – Blackletter Font

Moreover, this font is also multifunctional because it is suitable for Halloween poster designs, boards, t-shirt designs, product brand tags, and signboards.

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Let’s Use Modern Blackletter Font to Take Your Design to the Next Level!

If you can’t wait to use a modern blackletter font to spice up your design project, you can head over to StringLabs Creative. To use all the font recommendations above, you only need to pay starting at $29. You can get a cheaper offer by selecting a font bundle.

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The font bundle consists of 550 with a corporate license. The bright side of choosing a font bundle is that you only need to pay $5550. Visit the String Labs’ official website right away and don’t miss it!

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