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7 Cutting-Edge Packaging Design Trends In 2024

January 24, 2024

Packaging design trends change along with the times and technology. Appealing and functional packaging is effective in building customers’ emotional connections and encouraging them to purchase products. Hence, you should stay up to date so you can create relevant packaging designs and products that meet consumer tastes. 

If you still have no clue about your product packaging because you are just starting a new business, you are on the right page. This page provides some packaging design inspiration that is relevant in 2024. Let’s jump into the discussion below to get mental nutrition for your business!

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7 Leading 2024 Packaging Design Trends Worth a Shot

Let’s discover the proper type of packaging design for your product from the best packaging design inspiration below!

1. High-Contrast Surface Graphics

High-Contrast Surface Packaging Design Trends for Cosmetic

Pairings of contrasting colors can be a head-turning modern design inspiration. You can use two colors to give an elegant and minimalist feel. Color combination options you can try include black and white, pink and white, or turquoise and white.

You can use this high-contrast surface graphic to design cosmetic, skincare, food, or beverage packaging. If you use box packaging, ensure you also provide a contrasting inner packaging design. The purpose of inner packaging design is to greet customers to create communicative packaging.

2. Interactive Packaging

Interactive Packaging Design Trends

One powerful strategy to get consumers enthusiastic about buying your product is to use interactive packaging design trends. This strategy will give consumers a whole new experience. Hence, consumers will have two reasons to buy the product. 

The main reason is to gain benefits from the product. Another reason is they can get entertainment from the product packaging. 

Examples of interactive packaging include packaging boxes that can be transformed into toys. Also, messages on coffee bottles will be visible once the coffee is drunk up, and light boxes can be moved to find out the colors of the lights inside.

3. Multifunctional Packaging

Multifunctional Packaging Design Trends 2024

If you run a business that simultaneously raises awareness of environmental issues with your consumers, it will be appropriate to use multifunctional packaging. Using this packaging design trend will be an indirect campaign to raise customers’ awareness about environmental sustainability.

Along with that, multifunctional packaging will also have a significant effect on your business since consumers who are concerned about the environment will prefer your products. In order for your product packaging to be reused for a long time, make sure it uses durable materials.

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4. Bold and Outstanding Font

Bold and Outstanding Font for Packaging

You can use bold and outstanding fonts for minimalist yet eye-catching packaging typography designs. Interestingly, the use of bold and outstanding fonts is suitable for all types of products. Bear in mind that you should not add too many ornamental designs to the packaging to enhance the legibility and readability of the copy text. 

5. Minimalist Style

Minimalist Style Packaging Design

You can use the minimalist packaging design trend concept to emphasize the exclusivity of your product packaging. Moreover, the minimalist packaging design also gives the product an evergreen impression.

Usually, cosmetic or skincare products use minimalist packaging and are consistent in using them for the long term. The reason is this minimalist yet sophisticated design will easily stick in the minds of consumers so it can be a powerful branding image.

6. Smart Packaging Integration

Smart Packaging Integration

Building relationships with customers is essential since it can have a significant impact on your business continuity. Using smart packaging integration is like killing two birds with one stone. 

For this reason, you not only attract consumers’ attention through striking packaging design trends but also provide detailed product information.

Typically, smart packaging integration will involve technologies such as QR, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFDI), or Near Field Communication (NFC). Accordingly, consumers can find personalized offers, supply chains, and information related to the product.

7. Artistic and Illustrative Design

Artistic and Illustrative Packaging Design Trends for F&B

To attract consumers’ attention, you can also try using artistic and illustrative packaging designs. This design concept fits for stationery, beverage, food, or even cosmetic products.

Stunning iridescent collaborations that almost fill the packaging will be a magnet that captivates customers’ attention. Eccentric and artistic packaging will make consumers curious and lead them to purchase the product.

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Which Packaging Design Trends Are Suitable for Your Product?

To summarize, whatever type of packaging design trends you choose, note that typography is an essential element in the design to convey brand information and product details. Since typography will represent the brand, be sure you choose an exclusive font that is relevant to the brand persona and products you offer.

You can subscribe at String Labs Creative to get unlimited font options. There are six categories of fonts that you can explore, such as blackletter, brush, display, sans serif, script, and serif. Check the official website to get hot offers!

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