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Brand Launch Strategy: 6 Tips to Introduce Your Business

January 22, 2024

Planning a brand launch strategy is necessary to create an unforgettable brand for your target audience. However, you need to know what a brand launch is before executing the strategy covered here. Find out deeper insights about the nuts and bolts surrounding the strategy for brand launching in this post!

Definition of Brand Launch

Showcasing your new product, service, or brand to make customers aware of your business is the meaning of brand launch. But, you must identify your audience, define your brand identity, and increase brand awareness to craft a memorable brand for customers. How would you do that?

You should implement six ways to build a brand launch marketing strategy to ease the process. 

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6 Ways to Create a Brand Launch Strategy

Brand Launch Strategy Illustration

Launching a brand is not only about preparing the product and pricing. It also includes determining and fixing the nuts and bolts. Check the details below for a further explanation about what you should do as a solid strategy for brand launching. 

1. Identify Audience

The initial step of creating a brand launch is to identify relevant customers. When building a brand, try to think about the problems that customers often face and how your business can solve them. By recognizing the solution, then your brand can stand out among others.

2. Define Brand Identity

Remember to give your brand an ‘identity’ so people can easily remember your products. As mentioned by Hello Social, brand identity can help your business to communicate with your customers. For example, when buying Coca-Cola, you may think of people drinking together as the brand launched a ‘Share a Coke’ campaign.

Another element you can use to strengthen your brand identity is picking a suitable font for your brand. The correct font will help you relay your brand’s message. You have numerous choices of handmade font collections from the String Labs Creative that resonate with your brand. 

3. Plan a Brand Launch Strategy

Next, you need to consider a strategy to launch your new product. What brand strategy is used to launch new products? Your brand strategy should answer how you’ll do the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch stages. 

When doing the brand pre-launch, remember to actively promote your upcoming products by increasing awareness on social media. Ensure you do this stage by promoting the products through several marketing channels so you’ll know which one is effective for boosting your products.

After that, you can launch your products and keep promoting them through your marketing channel. Don’t forget to ask for feedback as part of a post-launch strategy so you can keep improving.

4. Create a Launch Calendar

Keep your brand launch strategy schedule organized to execute your product launch efficiently. Remember to create a timeline backward by setting up the launch date and planning the other tasks before the due date. That way, your team can keep a tight schedule to finish everything before the launch date.

5. Build Hype

Before launching your brand, you can build hype with paid campaigns, influencers, and partnerships. By using their service, you can connect with potential customers. When should you use these services? Anytime will do, whether before or after your product has launched.

6. Set Up Campaigns

Last, you need to set up advertising campaigns. These campaigns won’t only grab people’s attention, but you can use them to track your strategy success rate. A wider audience may come when you use display or sponsored ads to boost brand awareness.

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3 Combined Fonts Suitable for Brand Launch Strategy

You can use the three combined fonts below to create a unique logo as one of the branding elements. In general, you can stick to the safe territory by tweaking the serif and sans-serif typefaces if you hesitate to apply more contemporary and experimental font categories. 

1. Serif + Sans Serif

Serif and Sans Serif typeface combination for Branding

The most used brand font pairing is the Serif and Sans Serif combination. It became popular as it seemed simple, clean, and very eye-catching. Those who’d like to make their brands easy to recognize might want to use this combination.

2. Sans Serif + Script

Sans Serif and Script font combination for Brand Logo

Another font combination that may be appealing is Sans Serif and Script. You may like to use this combination to show the elegance of your products. Sometimes, people think this font is tricky to read, but it will give your design a distinctive look.

3. Sans Serif + Sans Serif

Sans Serif and Sans Serif font combination for Brand Launch Strategy

Last, you can use only Sans Serif for your brand font. While you may think this combination is boring, these pairings weren’t bad. It’s easy to read and reflects a simple design.

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Have You Found the Best Font for Your Brand Launch Strategy?

The steps of brand launch marketing strategy seem to be as challenging as they can be. Yet, the steps explained above are a clear guide for you to establish a strong brand presence, aiding you in the next step objective, such as raising brand awareness. 

Don’t forget that determining your brand key visual is also essential; it certainly requires you to find suitable elements including a color palette, and also fonts. Hence, ensure you pick the best font that suits your brand persona only at Stringlabs for great success!

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