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7 Bad Packaging Designs to Avoid and How to Spice It Up

January 28, 2024
bad packaging desigs cover

Although appealing packaging has become an open secret, many manufacturers ignore one of the keys to the success of grasping consumers’ attention. Many manufacturers are not concerned and use bad packaging designs for their products. In fact, this is such a brand killer and makes customers feel tricked.

A packaging design that is totally different from the original product will disappoint consumers and make them reluctant to repurchase it. Thus, product packaging design will greatly influence sales targets. Learn how to elevate your product packaging design to make it more captivating and satisfy consumers!

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7 Bad Packaging Design Examples and How to Meliorate Them

Below are seven examples of brand-killing packaging you should avoid if you want your business to last. Let’s take a closer view!

1. Deceptive Packaging Boxes

Deceptive Bad Packaging Design

Consumers often come across products whose contents do not match the size of the packaging box used. This kind of packaging design will certainly make customers feel cheated.

Good Packaging Design

Tips for improving deceptive packaging boxes is to use packaging box sizes that match the product contents. Hence, it will be easier to meet customer expectations and they will not feel cheated.

2. Dull Color Choice

Dull Color Choice Example of Bad Packaging Designs

Color plays a significant role in advertising since it can influence consumers’ emotions in purchasing products. Avoid using colors that give a dull impression because it is part of bad packaging designs.

Vibrant Color Packaging Designs

Instead, use vibrant colors to make it more eye-catching so consumers are intrigued to buy the product. For instance, you can choose colors such as pink, green, red, or yellow based on the type of fruit for packaging design for juice.

These colors will arouse customers’ appetites, making them effective in leading them to buy the juice product.

3. Inappropriate Use of Imagery

Inappropriate Use of Imagery in Product Packaging

Manufacturers will usually include an illustrated image of the product on the packaging to provide an overview of the product sold. Unfortunately, some manufacturers use inappropriate imagery in their product packaging designs.

Real Picture to Keep Away Bad Packaging Design

Ensure to use real product photos to display on the packaging to avoid bad packaging designs. To make the photo look professional and more attractive, you need to edit it beforehand. Hence, although there is a difference between the original product and the photo on the packaging, it is not that significant.

4. Bad Packaging Typography

Bad Packaging Typography

Choosing inappropriate typography will also make the packaging unattractive. Using typography with lots of ornamentation will reduce the readability of the brand or product information. Similarly, typography must be relevant to the content of the product offered.

Typography to Avoid Bad Packaging Designs

To support the readability of the brand and information on the packaging, make sure to choose a font with a simple but unique appearance. You can choose typography for product brandings such as display fonts, serif, or san-serif to avoid bad product packaging designs.

5. Misapply Containers

Misapplay Containers

Manufacturers must also be mindful in choosing containers for their products. The reason is that irrelevant containers to the product contents can harm consumers. For example, hazardous chemical liquid packaging is packaged using soft drink cans.

Proper Containers Packaging Designs

In order not to harm consumers due to inappropriate container selection, it is best not to use containers for food or beverages for non-food products.

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6. Excessive Packaging

Excessive Packaging Example of Bad Packaging Design

Although the primary purpose of packaging is to protect the product inside, you also don’t need to wrap it excessively. This will actually diminish the beauty of the product display and is not practical.

Simple Packaging Design

You can use simple and appealing packaging designs but also functional ones to avoid bad packaging designs. For example, you don’t need to add plastic wrap to each product packaged in a box.

7. Oddly Shaped Containers

Oddly Shaped Container for Product

Using strangely shaped packaging is effective in attracting customer attention. However, you also have to ensure the container matches the product contents. Unfortunately, many manufacturers only want to emphasize a unique brand persona without considering the compatibility of the container with the product’s contents. 

Unique Container to Avoid Bad Packaging Designs

You can use unique but effective packaging. Look at the juice packaging from the Gloji brand, for example. The brand uses bottle packaging shaped like a light bulb but can well accommodate the product contents. Consumers can clearly see the contents of the product and not feel deceived.

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Do You Know What Brand-Killing Bad Packaging Designs You Should Avoid?

All in all, manufacturers must be mindful in creating their product packaging. The reason is that bad packaging designs are brand killers since they might deceive the impression of your consumers or potential consumers. 

Thus, it causes them disappointment. Bear in mind that disappointed consumers will not repurchase, and possibly give you a negative review. 

You can take your packaging designs to another level by adjusting the type of packaging, size, and also design elements. It’s quite essential to consider the font you use to present your brand. 

Therefore, you can subscribe to fonts on String Labs Creative for better options. Visit the official website to get hundreds of font inspirations and special offers. Let’s discover the font that represents your brand persona!

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