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Virgiluna Font: Modern Handwritten Style for Bewitching Designs

February 22, 2024

Modern handwritten style is an excellent typography choice to present an exclusive and stunning feel. The swashes on each letter will be a decoration that gives a sweet and dramatic feel. Virgiluna font is a modern handwritten style that you can utilize for diverse designs, both formal and casual.

Deeper Exploration of Virgiluna Font

Virgiluna Font: Modern Handwritten Style for Bewitching Designs
Explore Virgiluna Font in Deep

Since its appearance is similar to handwritten brush strokes, calligraphy script fonts never fail to provide intimacy and exclusivity. The thick and thin lines on the letters also give a touch of stunning beauty. Letters connected to each other look neat and have excellent legibility. 

This is because the kerning between letters is quite loose. Even though there are swashes, the decorations are present in perfect proportions so as not to make the design look crowded.

Deeper Exploration of Virgiluna

You can use this font type for free for personal use. However, for commercial purposes, you have to purchase a license which is available starting from $29.00. This magnificent font provides comprehensive features that allow you to be more creative.

Features that can level up your design include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, ligatures, and alternate characters. Combining these features with appropriate portions will create captivating text.

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How to Perform the Virgiluna Font in Your Design?

Besides creating personal designs, you can also use Virgiluna for commercial designs. Its visually pleasing appearance will be a powerful weapon that can withdraw attention. Virgiluna enables you to create atmospheric and engaging writing which is perfect for the following visual design projects.

1. Photography

Virgiluna Font for Photograph

Photography is the art of communicating through photos. Each photo usually has a story and ambiance to convey to the audience. Sparks more attention by beautifying the photo with an appealing yet readable font for the text element!

Combining uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and alternate characters from the Virgiluna typeface in the text will make it look more stunning. Furthermore, curved and wavy lines on the alternate character swash of this font will give a strong effect that is adorable yet classy.

2. Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation with Virgiluna Font

Getting married is a sacred and historical moment because it is the beginning of a new life. Create an intimate yet elegant nuance by using the Virgiluna font for your wedding invitation. This cursive model is often used for invitations because it is proven to be able to create a magical and sweet ambiance.

Combining ligatures and alternate characters in the names of the groom and bride on the invitation can also give a blissful touch to your wedding invitation design.

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3. Clothing Line

Clothing Line Using Virgiluna Font

The fashion industry never gets old because clothes are a basic need. Not only does fashion prioritize models, usually it also emphasizes the singularity of the text on t-shirts, hats, or jackets.

Since the appearance of modern handwriting is strong with an elegant and adorable effect, it would be more appropriate to use the Virgiluna font for writing that is encouraging. This font not only fits clothing products with feminine themes but is also a match for casual tones. 

4. Thank You Card

Virgiluna on Thank You Card Design

It is no longer a secret that customers are an essential part of business continuity. To make consumers feel pleased and appreciated after shopping at your store, give them a thank you card. Cards with simple writing are a powerful weapon to make customers loyal.

Virgiluna on Thank You Card Design

Virgiluna’s lines and decorative accessories not only give a friendly but also a sincere feel. To create a supple and warm impression, use alternate characters that use a start line stroke ornament for the first letter. 

In order to produce a balanced and proportional design, use letters from alternate characters that have an ending line stroke.

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5. Headlines

Virgiluna Application for Headlines

Headlines in magazines or social media posts hold a huge influence on engagement with the audience. Also, the combination of words and font choice will greatly determine the audience’s desire to follow up. 

Virgiluna Application for Headlines

Virgiluna font with excellent readability and the sweet design of each letter is impactful to spark the audience’s temptation. Especially if the target audience is female, this font will truly represent elegance, sweetness, and beauty.

Are You Ready to Embellish Your Design with the Virgiluna Font?

Ultimately, Virgiluna font is the best choice to present an intimate and exclusive design concept. The reason is that this calligraphic font style has a strong classic feel but with a more modern touch. Additionally, you can choose other calligraphy font types from Sting Labs Creative and take a mediocre design to the next level.

Corporate License Bundle

Simple swashes and snaking lines on alternate characters in the font style mentioned can spice up your design. You should buy a corporate license bundle for money-saving. The bundle consists of 550 fonts including Virgiluna priced at $5,550.00. Let’s visit String Labs Creative’s web right away to get exclusive deals!

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