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20 Vintage Cartoon Font Style That Will Never Be Out of Trend

February 22, 2024
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A vintage cartoon font is another retro typeface that is always in style. Many people nowadays employ old fonts for great branding, especially cartoon projects. The unusual design of the typeface may provide a current look with old-fashioned taste. So, if you’re working on a project like this, read on to learn more.

20 Vintage Cartoon Font Style Options You Can Try

Below are some options to make your imaginative creations fascinating!

1. Vintage King

sMJ9CYGDyg7lOp_7SluFtDjMkORjoOAMl1KdCj9D_1V10Foqai1lQFECzoInKJQlYu3h7fFxIYRdAZYblqKOk5PI4K48S53EKtZB55s jH1XWvqTyqOLveEH6mSdFgZKd5rbjLLx4ZGnoYVAWqeLgkE

Vintage King, one of the most incredible contemporary serif types, might be suitable for your project that requires a vintage cartoon font. The lively shape creates a more outstanding look. Vintage King font is appropriate for various industries, such as automotive magazines, matches, and handmade boots.

2. Antapin

j74JzdhxKB3oqwhQscpPI46iQpXc7ZTsu8jAxbeuSyJeAduzdH8voMg O8bJ2iHzkwuVT6thngJczdMFD2fKqTXddqSVR7SIsh3TBaWqm2DY3__1KL330DtEOETyBocYHTSsMKoYkvv1UhLpMF0HbGs

The powerful and bold shape of Antapin could be the best option for a vintage font. It has a wavy or curved shape that produces an exclusive style. In addition, Antapin is also perfect for wedding invitations and women’s magazine design projects.

3. Roulette

zy0 X7IL2pJBafvA2yg46w7kPUVR8L 0jWIG7GF9CWvgB85SSNhygFyu601bQXvPdntCNoVPquhQGGvRFHPg6Ss7IBFZWTnOIBm Oa5LWONZHTSk4vLevh1jrxNnUCMMsrX3xuYi06K7IdRsbCKVaik

A bold font is always right! That is how Roulette fits your cartoon project, which needs an old-style touch. In addition, the curved and bold shape creates more creativity and looks alive. But worry not, because mug and bakery shop designs may look fascinating by applying the Roulette typeface.

4. Wazintte

3pNTy_8fSCYS704e1RNrKWEewo9USGKPzanQhHdpAWQe3MubAWxzAYKZ3s95MvyUVzU9W5mYKGfugFq3sDrdDgLtBttBsC OabglqmNfbREOZpNkNvvE96mezIYtpR6b6CUMZ9aYoMKvyNHo6S01z 8

Wazintte is one of the Victorian styles that is suitable for vintage cartoon font. It creates the feeling of fun retro and provides a fantastic antique look. The details of the typeface contain a romantic and classic design that makes it more stunning. Apply this font to various designs for beer shops, tattoo artists, etc.

5. Rubeyma

Uev8_4pAVCoW0ACTdwBp_DGT4P79L9e7iLLwyFjMNAu_aWIqkVPWlD34 P2cOHDComFzFMnLsp7QRYN7OGvDB2JCa5bB7jzHW19_8eLx_mdYHiS9BHx0IGQNFxIaXEvp5CQuyJK_kazrOyMJrvlKoZc

Another bold font that never gets old is Rubeyma. It is classic, yet vintage. Use Rubeyma for your project, such as coffee bottles and food promotion posters. So, let’s make your project successful with the unique vintage style of this font! 

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6. Cameliya


Are you looking for a vintage cartoon font with Private Use Areas (PUA) encoded? If so, Cameliya is the answer! You can obtain all of the letters and swashes because the incredible alternates assist you in producing a fantastic design. Therefore, let’s use this typeface on apparel such as beanies, t-shirts, and tote bags.

7. Boyna


Boyna is a new brush script typeface showing an unusual vintage feeling. Add this font to your products, like cushion pillows and vinyl record cover designs. Then, prove your creativity skill in your project by using this font! 

8. Rezojas


Get your perfect lettering script font with Rezojas. The nostalgic feeling of its shape will make your project more alive. The bold line of Rezojas fits in any design for skateboard and barbershop.

9. Retrowave 

PABgmYEHhFE0di  Y7u SUSKwaLZ8Nk0gMX0zPaIQ4L wQEyNO7STEDAgiEVEHmG98yHyd0eY4IJtvWzoapFoTZIZkNqn1ZUEtuxZ3ue_Q1N_aWBb_WJ3Y_v5WqZ5GqdSkZvcSNz5pZcc1U1GITaPFo

The most famous and used vintage cartoon font is Retrowave. The ligature and alternates form give the character set a more antique items vibe. Furthermore, this typeface is used in several coffee cup designs because it stands out. 

10. Kevin Ghal

kCh0RMCeLytZ57QwPN5auPZAfR0yLmuWCGblFtrxYe0DugE1 6Hc0mfD HNvxm7RI8WvKtHFEmUHIRO5qJMRUscwbVrHK8bjXuEtlWxUHza4uDhSO5VBM_RXKQ_tf_kBY8w6VBeyUIcGUCTiPZ_uPac

If you need help finding a modern and classic vintage-style font, try using Kevin Ghal. The font is a new form of Blackletter that shows nostalgic feelings. For example, the typeface looks lovely on the clothing brand tag.

11. Bethany Kibang

EIwFoH4E5ctH_1wcFhdOGtLOLxrCYZp5DZxtXUwWeZRU3nJK4IPbtnf 3y6AQHVXRdVcqcClL06cbR0IMr_kGy3nJDNNsefRrxycDCRG4SqGTXUjvAHiDiRu75zgC8MQBQzdJYghqOmWN90RIWnsWCM

Bethany Kibang exists to make your vintage cartoon font more playful. The shape is wavy and circular, which provides a distinct nostalgic look. Besides cartoon projects, you can apply Bethany Kibang to music and photo studio design.

12. Akidan Hatory

MwHY_CaYSBhI34b8s0SKU_I0vBzvKZh5NA4xHCMYVg6MMMgdcCNlbUlEnCOac4u1AoYytFPmdTN3KsQIBVuzX4sd4TW1W99uI C4244wBY4zCb63MTUU  1WSM1 zoRX_8KoObHJVry25DcIt0QeVDo

Another unique brush typeface that will make your design marvelous is Akidan Hatory. The vintage design increases your creativity. Moreover, Akidan Hatory has other applications for several products, such as an ice cream poster promotion and a stylish hair price list book. 

13. Oaklash

rZ PvJPojNuBkhvUKg37QIPKStxG6Gv8nAidkBSxUPt4gBhamil_wqbqfqMLqaHAstu6vl3uo74VicmNmHRcWIevNcode6w_FaXzeJh82EuW1hvb_TA_53al1Tvu_CSctP0qUe6sxjFDhkbS0RO5oQE

Show off a trendy and sporty 80s feel with Oaklash. Now is the moment for your project to become a vintage lover’s favorite. Furthermore, Oaklash is ideal for various brands, including coffee businesses, accessories, and biker organizations.

14. Hadfim


Use Hadfim as your best vintage cartoon font look! This classy Victorian-style typeface is distinct from other antique forms. The style of the font is commonly used by fashion and magazine brands.

15. Amigos Script

ei4AHqid3uTxFggoNHAejhYrgDb2zuo719b1PKAlXuKJ4FXof4 IyvWemgB1yehr0hWXXJrWoH5LCoiOuE MEasIOeK ALC1xgFLinTpH13QP6id9XOxWVfTjp7p5U6XoVzBqZfIiIzaFU1ONzjzhiE

Amigo Script typeface is one of the types of retro bold handwritten. It looks perfect and bright, along with any color. Despite its distinct look, Amigo Script is frequently used for new music album covers.

16. Rategin

IVKEVDllBUBra975yoRo7DgkX48VboAa7BN5HKH056 HRqfr6jAD2jQ_jektvy9VdRToIzwWayTIm12G7Wf8SarU_XylX9BVTVkolep83sBFP4RCINhsu39t1xxAbhbGiBxe4rQ3a1fb08W buGSkKw

Keep your latest design look with Rategin, the new vintage script font. Even though it displays nostalgic feelings, the unique curved and rounded shape makes the design stunning. Therefore, many people use this font for music festival posters and placard names of specific professions. 

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17. Patric Zihva

ZVki_4ucLOuIiWTMyjMVCp_TFWYywmO9WpBrH0MZz2v80M6l2zwquq4MJgLTDinZLg_ZNEe8h8b13R25lFnnVCyo9SDoZZoR6MtCtYiGLSaa25OBpNLFtCMGlLSNCYyyRTj3YnxDjwXXS hIP2Vy0Yo

Patric Zihva represents you in a powerful, bold, and retro typeface. However, it is quite readable since the ligatures and alternates are visually appealing. Hence, this typeface is widely used in the design of vehicle repair services and apparel labels.

18. Sang Ratu

zJDmQIzIACtq7tJ_b_Mn9ndQSqoTfs_AnZUYfIq0SQLZxUOo6AtNt1FREKVjtiNikA_GYaqTeY4oRtYssNi40_wdmrd07RRp 9cHkcfr18_5sk67TeQALwLPOIIEaSW_fZDsKV0CYDY_mhK1GYoO86Q

The curvy vintage style of Sang Ratu could be your fantastic option of vintage cartoon font for your design. You could mix the font with a fun color challenge. Sang Ratu is also used to write someone’s name on other significant designs, such as ID cards.

19. Anelka Fambuya

YCE3YXtpi4qHZ9oZkUTN4rbfKyKK2hOLP9vhD_NF32TH2Yr9GeLWOdRPfSSpyYCrd4clWshNOQQtPcT97C1h79S 8oN862ikZuX4zQi9hGeF_qLtZx0aRev8HPmFytLCLkkfDtIOiTNO8M4bovtcFyw

It is sometimes bold, Anelka Fambuya is the alternative for vintage-style font, which shows the monoline retro shape. Moreover, this font has a stylish, unique, refreshing, yet chic concept. It also fits with other designs like shoe company brands.

20. Recollect

CVHoeOS6kEJZbfbJIbP0P8SlsKwp_hNH2QtAO xuTkLJPJo8LeQGwUo3dC191bXb0WrZk5ZBNXV 7tzndzbYOUsBEYSseZ6B 05JetjKmXbL39Omx8f2FYIi1iESqGRQTbOMM3 ru1tERei87nIcwa4

When it comes to vintage, 80s fashion is the best choice. Just like the Recollect retro typeface that could give the feeling of a nostalgic era. The trendy and casual look will make the design more stylish. So, apply this font for vapor and hipster shops for an incredible visual look!

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Shop Your First Vintage Cartoon Font Styles Now!

gibOZhUaH2I9T6Lg  NU1eApgQX8EDi9I1pqvQOfeLLGE1G_zdtyIpkYc1foWcjaoOEyL4IlUH2pBRDKL 1sZPOwT50acpfftEn8ay8CMnZ_cChOIEwAYtjanPsRADC0SIQFI4yqIUki1JKDVNK83D0

After you know many vintage cartoon font products above, you must wonder where to buy those striking typefaces. String Labs Creative provides over 500 typefaces with their finest bundling option. Only $5550 will provide various typefaces to make your design look fantastic. Begin shopping right away, and stay on trend!

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