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Bagator Font: The Best Classic and Versatile Serif Font

February 22, 2024
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Serif font is one of the most commonly used typefaces. It has the versatility to fit any project including formal, informal, or even commercial use. Serif font excels at legibility to highlight the meaning it carries. While having these attributes, the Bagator font from String Labs Creative has many other unique features. 

Let’s explore the font through this article!

The Characteristics of Bagator Font

Bagator Cover

As we established before, Bagator is a classic serif font. A serif font is any font with small (decorative) line strokes attached at the end of a larger stroke. You can also call it the “feet” of the letter. 

In the Bagator typeface pack, you will get uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation and symbols in the specialized design, and alternates and ligatures.

Bagator’s Characters Preview

You might already know classic serif fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond, but Bagator takes this “feet” feature to another level. There are certain alternates for Bagator’s serif design for an alternative selection of the letter.

Alternates & Ligatures of Bagator Font

Bagator font highlights the neat looks of each letter, with distinct thick and thin lines providing more legibility to your designs. The alternates provide a selection of a letter, this will make your design richer in terms of styling. 

Moreover, the ligatures are specialized paired letter typefaces with thin connecting lines, offering a high contrast to the whole ligatures design in this font. In addition, the font already supports multilingual features.

In the typography hierarchy, Bagator is suitable for heading or subheading sections. This is because of its firm characteristics with relatively thick strokes.

With an authentic, neat, and clean style, Bagator is easily your best font choice for any type of project. If you want to see what Bagator can do, let’s take a look at some of the following examples.

6 Design Media to Put Bagator Font

Calling it a classic serif font is a little understatement because the design can fit so many projects, including the modern one. Here are many projects perfect for Bagator font.

1. Wedding Event

Utilizing Bagator Font for Wedding Invitation Design

Bagator is so versatile that If you mix it with a different color, you can shift the vibe it brings. The example above shows the combination of the font with calm colors. When paired with the designs and other minimalist or handwritten-style typography, Bagator makes a stand-out statement. 

Try using the alternates in your name for a more personal feeling. The thickness of the strokes makes your name pop out. This implementation will also fit other small-sized media, like invitations, and wedding souvenirs.

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2. Business Brand

Clothing Design Sample Using Bagator Font

Bagator font has enough customizable features to make your brand design more recognizable. With a simplistic take on the design, Bagator provides a romantic, classy, and aesthetic feel for your brand name, whether it’s for the logo, signage product packaging, or hangtags.

The font matches women’s or feminine products, such as for florists, and cosmetics, but also perfect for clothing brands, accessories, or other services. 

Applying Bagator Font for Florist Branding Design

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3. Personal Branding

Design for Portfolio using Bagator Font

Take advantage of this amazingly beautiful serif font for personal branding. While making your name look beautiful, Bagator can also emit a professional vibe in your portfolio. With a little mix and match of the color and font combination for body text, the font can turn from a high-energy sociable feel to a dramatic mood in an instant.

Design for Portfolio using Bagator Font

4. Business Card

Business Card Utilizing Bagator Font Sample

As a classic serif font, Bagator is more than capable of presenting your name professionally and memorably. You can put on some of the alternates in your name, it’s not so extravagant but it’ll help your name appear more prominent. With a touch of luxurious color, your business card will look elegant and humble at the same time.

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5. Blog Post

Sample of Bagaotr Font Application for Photo Design

With high legibility and versatile mood, Bagator font is fit to be your go-to font to convey your thoughts in your picture. Through phrases and colors, Bagator is suitable for adding atmosphere to the photos you upload. 

Sample of Bagator Font in Photograph Design

Don’t limit yourself to using the font only in your blogs, take Bagator on your journey on other social media platforms too. The font will help elevate your photos and set the vibe.

6. Font for Games or Applications

You can license Bagator as a font for your next applications or games to add up an adventurous tone. With its versatility, there is no doubt it will fit your arsenal of assets. 

Use Bagator Font In Your Next Design Projects!

Bagator is easily your best pick for a classic serif font. You can grab Bagator by visiting StringLabs Creative. For your convenience, Bagator is also part of the StringLabs 550 Font Bundle with Corporate Licence

String Lab Creative Bundle Package

String Labs Creative offers a myriad of fonts from regular serif, sans serif, and script fonts, to more decorative fonts such as brush, display, and blackletter. So, what are you waiting for? Visit StringLabs Creative to discover a font just for you! 

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