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10 Best Font for Billboards Design You Need to Know

February 22, 2024
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With the rise of online advertising, billboards are still one of the most effective traditional advertising instruments. You may spot many billboards as you drive by, yet only a few are likely to catch your eye. A well-designed advertisement that uses the best font for billboards will stand out and increase sales.

However, with hundreds and thousands of fonts around the internet, how do you pick the one that best portrays your brand while at the same time being catchy enough to attract passersby on a busy street? To help you out, this article has compiled the best font for billboards design that you can choose from.

10 Best Font for Billboards. Which One Suits You?

First, you should know that the best font on a billboard must be easily readable from a short or long distance. It is intended that the message you want to convey on the billboard can be understood well by motorists. 

Generally, motorists who spot billboards on busy roadsides drive at high speeds. They only have seconds to read and soak up the message on a billboard. Therefore, ensure that your billboard design is attractive and use the best billboard fonts to make it readable in a short period. Without further ado, below is the font compilation. 

1. Queental 


First on the list is the best fonts for billboards design, Queental. As mentioned before, a billboard font should be easy to read, so a sans-serif font like Queental can be an ideal choice. Coming with an elegant style yet carrying a strong feel, Queental is designed to help convey the message of your billboard design.

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2. Purwatype


Are you looking for a billboard font with a serif yet Roman style? If so, then there’s no better choice than Purwatype. This decorative Roman serif font features an elegant lettering style with a slight thickness in each letter. This design lets Purwatype match amazingly with whatever your billboard design is.

3. Rose Quay

Rose Quay

Suppose you are searching for the ideal billboard font to help convey the message about your brand’s beauty products. Then there is nothing wrong with you choosing Rose Quay. Bringing an elegant, bold font style and beautiful curves in each letter, Rose Quay will be perfect for highlighting and beautifying your billboard design.

4. Aginoe


Fourth on the list is Aginoe. It is a sans serif font that has a simple and thin lettering style, making it good readability for you to use in your billboard design. Not only that, but Aginoe also carries a clean and modernist letter design, making it perfect for clearly conveying the message of your billboard design.

5. Serizawa


Let us introduce you to Serizawa, a classic serif font with a bold and neat letter design. With a design like that, Serizawa can amazingly soak up the message you want to convey on your billboard. Try choosing Serizawa, and see how your billboard design stands out on the roadside.

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6. The Qlickers

The Qlickers

The Qlickers, as the name suggests, is one of the best fonts for billboards that can make people immediately “click” to read your billboard. It brings a casual style with a bold and modern design, perfect to match with whatever project you’re working on.

7. Hirokuda


Are you working on a billboard design with a fun theme? If so, Hirokuda could be the best font for you to choose. That said, it is a display font with a fun and fresh style, perfect for refreshing your billboard design. 

8. Bagator


Show the beauty of your billboard design by using Bagator. Besides being beautiful, this font has a beautiful style and unique ligatures. Not only does it beautify, but Bagator can also clearly convey the message of your billboard.

9. Travis Zone

Travis Zone

Another fun style font that you can choose for your billboard design is Travis Zone. This display font comes with shadows on each letter, designed to clarify the message written on the billboard. Does it fit what you’re looking for?

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10. Comic Boys

Comic Boys

Last on the list of the best fonts for billboards is Comic Boys. As the name implies, this font is perfect for you to use in billboard designs with themes like kids, birthdays, cartoons, etc. It’s because of its cute font style to create a fun feeling.

Are You Ready to Kickstart With The Best Font for Billboards?

Those are the 10 best fonts for billboards design available at StringLabs Creative. Is there one of these fonts that catches your eye and fulfills your billboard design needs? If there is, don’t hesitate to buy it immediately, with prices starting from $29.

Best Font for Billboards

After all, StringLabs Creative is a website that provides hundreds of amazing font options of various types, sans serif, serif, display, and even brush. If you like all the fonts they provide, you can purchase a bundle package containing 550 corporate-licensed fonts at $5,550. In other words, all the fonts cost only $1.

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