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Best Fonts for Children’s Books: The Fontastic 15 

January 27, 2024
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When choosing the best fonts for children’s books, the typeface used can impact a child’s reading experience. In this article, we will explore 15 fonts for children’s books while maintaining legibility and creating a captivating cover page. Dip your toes into the article for broader detail!

What Font is Used for Children’s Books?

Selecting the appropriate font involves considering readability, aesthetics, and the ability to capture a child’s imagination. The chosen typeface should be clear, simple, and conducive to a positive reading experience.  You can opt for the Serif font family since it’s well-known for its excellent readability. 

However, there are tons of choices you can also consider to create a new standard of the font for children book’s covers and pages.

Best Fonts for Children’s Books

Let’s embark on a whimsical journey into the world of fonts available for juvenile literature! Buckle up and let’s go!

1. Caramelia

Caramelia Playful Typeface

Starting off with Caramelia. It is a playful display font that really captures child-like characteristics. It has many inconsistencies, like serif & sans serif letters, and mixed upper & lowercase letters creating a familiar and engaging feel for kids. 

2. Sandy Kids

Sandy Kids Bubbly Font

If you need a bulging font, try Sandy Kids! This chunky font still maintains the sophisticated contrasting lines combined with rounded edges, creating a dynamic aesthetic.

3. Tulis Yuk!

Tulis Yuk! Sans Serif Font for Children Book Cover

Tulis Yuk! is a fresh and playful font to use, whether it’s for the title or the body text in the children’s book design. The font has uniquely angled strokes that make it easy to read while still flashy at the same time.

4. The Comic Struve

The Comic Struve Handwritten Font

If you want a feminine touch on the juvenile literature cover or page design, use the slim font, The Comic Struve. As you might guess, it is a sans-serif font with a handwritten style. 

5. Heinzo

Heinzo Outline Display Font for Children’s Book Cover Design

Rather than picking a font color for your children’s book, let Heinzo highlight the background color. This unique font only displays the outline of the letters without filling the color which makes the cover appear more vividly playful to look at!

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6. Comic Boys

Comic Boys Sans Serif Font

If you want a font similar to Comic Sans in a more swanky style, use Comic Boys! It has cuter letters and a more bubbly style. This comical sans serif typeface has great readability which makes it a versatile font for the design of headlines on the cover or the titles on the book pages. 

7. Pisang Keju

Pisang Keju Tall Font for Children’s Book Title Design

One more style to add to your collection is this tall font called Pisang Keju. You don’t need to say something fun, just put one word and watch the word get energetic.

8. The Swarm

The Swarm Playful Display Font

One of the best fonts for children’s books is The Swarm. It is a versatile font with excellent legibility. Depending on the color scheme, you can make this font look scary, aesthetic, or playful, hence applicable for various book themes. 

9. Angkise

Angkise Fun Serif Font

A fun serif font, who would think of that? The Angkise is the embodiment of it. With all the serif and the bendy figure, this font becomes very loud and crowded, making it a great font pair for the book’s cover design. 

10. Baby Angel

Baby Angel Sans Serif Display Font

Baby Angel excels in the ligature and alternate sections. Like other fonts, it has great legibility and uniform style. But, when you tap into its ligature section, you’ll find yourself captivated by the magical loopy ornaments.

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11. Shine Kejora

Shine Kejora Playful Display Font for Juvenile Liteature Headline Design

This font is another one that stands out and is expressive. Shine Kejora takes a sleek and clean approach while keeping the fun and lovely character.

12. Candy Yefumy

Candy Yefumy Cute Font

Candy Yefumy offers a familiar feel and versatile capabilities. The font is cutely assertive, maintaining incredible legibility and playfulness. The font can be used as a title and body text too. Oh, don’t forget to use the vines!

13. Gweneth

Gweneth Sute & Bold Font

Gweneth is meant to be in your book. It’s a display font with cute and bold characters, not to mention the italic form adds more excitement to it.

14. Cindyrella

Cindyrella Display Font

If you want a font that can project excitement, try Cindyrella! It’s an all uppercase font so, the lowercase slot is filled with more style of the uppercase characters. Cindyrella display font can fit any occasion, depending on the theme; it can generate a fun or spooky impression.

15. Blood Bold

Blood Bold Font for Children’s Book Cover Design

Another recommended font of the best fonts for children’s books is Blood Bold. Although the name is scary, the font is actually adorable. It has two styles in the pack: regular and dripped. The font is mainly for Halloween-themed books, but the regular option makes it versatile for any children’s book theme.

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What’s the Best Font Size for Children’s Books?

Children’s books are a little different than the regular literature for adults. While the standard use font size is 11 or 12-point font, children’s book is recommended to use 14pt, or picture books with 500 or fewer words should use 18 points or larger. 

Ready to Pep Up Your Children’s Book Design?

With our collection of children’s fonts, you can find the best fonts for children’s books with ease. All 15 of them can be used as your cover font plus you can put some fonts on the inside. 

 550-font bundle with a corporate license

For your convenience, we have already whipped up a 550-font bundle with a corporate license. Spread your wings, and enjoy the complete bundle at the price of $5,550 just for you. Visit StringLabs to browse around and please your eyes!

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