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Unveiling The 31+ Best Fonts For Wedding Invitations

March 13, 2024
Unveiling The 31 Best Fonts For Wedding Invitations scaled

Picking up the best fonts for wedding invitations is an avowedly small-scale mission, but one that can have huge outcomes. While it will be the first piece to be seen, the wedding invitation font selection is the smartest way to add a marvelous personal touch. 

Instead of creating your own, this font bucket list will wow you. Check out the details below!

2024 Ideas: Best Fonts For Wedding Invitations To Have and to Hold

String Labs Creative provides tons of fonts that fit diverse wedding themes. To learn more about the font lists, let’s dive deeper through the following post!  

Angelina Rahmy

Angelina Rahmy Modern Script Font

This classy calligraphy typeface complements wonderfully stands chic and whimsical with modern essences on every stroke.  


Baweni Handscript Font

Try Baweni handscript font for a more intimate and casual wedding invitation project. With a unique ligature, this typeface promises to give a romantic touch.

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Aisbum Slashey

Aisbum Slashey Font

The long strokes of Aisbum Slashey Modern Script font make it look futuristic. Moreover, the alternate series is saucy, hence it seems stylish yet unique.  

Mugen Ragi

Mugen Ragi Font

Introducing Mugen Ragi, the stylish modern script typeface of the century. Whilst the strokes are thin, the legibility rate is clear.

Bellamy Signature

Bellamy Signature Font

Add Bellamy Signature typeface for your eye-catching artwork. This is one of the best fonts for invitations which gives a timeless sense.  

Sellviny Queen 

Sellviny Queen Font

Broadly speaking, Sellviny Queen Handwritten typeface has classic strokes that feel like a queen’s handwriting. It brings loose yet gracious vibes to the wedding invitation design.


Amelliz Calligraphy Brush Font

The next best fonts for wedding invitations go to Ammeliz Calligraphy Brush font. The brush style makes it a versatile yet classy choice. 


Ajuslly Modern Calligraphy Font for Wedding Invitation

By leveraging the varying baseline, Ajuslly Modern Calligraphy typeface looks stunning as a delicate calligraphy font. With beaming tiny ornaments, it casts off the shadow. 

Cinthya Einzberg 

Cinthya Einzberg New Handwritten Font

Cinthya New Handwritten font will suit your wedding invitation. Its smooth alternates and ligatures create a fabulous design.  

Brittany Angela 

Brittany Angela Lovely Script Font

Slim, light, and assertive is the best describe Brittany Angela Lovely Script font. Get ready to enjoy its feminine look! 


Justhin Monoline Signature Font

If you choose a simple yet elegant touch, it’s Justhin Monoline Signature typeface to stand out. Interestingly, it also has a good readability. 


Renitah Lovely Script Font

This lovely script is one of the top fonts for wedding invitations fully created with harmony. It provides both aesthetic value and decent readability. 


Bulgaria Font

Grab the Latin vibe with this summons, Bulgaria New Modern Calligraphy typeface which features a stylistic alternate and end swash splendidly. 


Arionna Font

What’s more contemporary rather than the Arionna Calligraphy font? The high contrast lines and strokes will adorn your invitation design with lovely and chic vibes. 

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Baliung Handwritten Brush Font for Wedding Invitation

If you love digital brush pen-styled font, opt for Baliung Handwritten typeface. Its delicate strokes bring elegance in modesty.  

I am Cool

I am Cool Brush Script Font

Relying on the perfect script and beautiful handwritten brush, I am Cool Brush Script typeface belongs to the best font for wedding invitations. It makes your invitation more authentic. 

Dulan Anzelica

Dulan Anzelica Signature Script Font - Best Font for Wedding Invitation

If you want a pleasant signature script font representing exclusivity visually, look no further than Dulan Anzelica typeface! 


Ballerina Signature Font

Bring out the good news with a cordial and bona fide atmosphere by applying the Ballerina Signature font to your wedding invitation. 


Sellviny Brush Script Font

Sellviny Brush Script resembles to classic handwriting of the 19th Century with its dramatic flares curves. It’s on the list of the best fonts for wedding invitations but also serves well for fashion brands or signatures. 


Gotten Modern Handwritten Font

If you’d prefer a more casual and dearer tone, get  the Gotten Handwritten typeface! It looks not only contemporary but elegant in a creative way. 

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Hesty Aqaky

Hesty Aqaky Classic Script Font

The next font universe turns to Hesty Aqaky Classic Script. A classic script never goes old in creating endearing wedding invitation designs. 


Chellyne Modern Script Font

Incredibly pretty, Chellyne Modern Script typeface is also among the best fonts for wedding invitations that have a sweet and soft hand-lettered appearance. 

Hey Sweety 

Hey Sweety Modern Script Font for Wedding Invitation

At a glance, this hand-lettering calligraphy font will captivate your invitees with its charming yet humble curves. 

Stilda Script

Stilda Script Font

Express how both of you naturally fell in love using Stilda Script font! With its bold strokes, this font offers you uniquely versatile designs. 


Hysteria Textured Font

Not just a regular wedding typeface, Hysteria is extremely fantastic with a bold unique brush script to spread the loveliness!  

Taniya Relly

Taniya Relly Luxury Signature Font

Are you ready to experience a sophisticated wedding invitation? With its gentle curves, the Taniya Relly Signature typeface gives a luxurious and authentic feel.


Zenghief Hand Brush Font

Inspired by the Japanese modern style, Zenghief Hand Brush font is the ideal option to represent free-spirited nuances.  

Catthy Wellingten

Catthy Wellingten Modern Script Font

Discover Catthy Wellingten Modern Script Font to unleash contemporary and graceful design into the timeless artistic project. 


Anttariksa Lovely Textured Font

Here it is, Anttariksa, the authentic hand-brush font with a distinctive texture style that describes layers of good emotions of your wedding.   

Anthony Louis

Anthony Louis Modern Script Font

By maintaining a streetwise bold style, Anthony Louis font appears bursting with splendid supercharged energy. 

The Gallery 

The Gallery Monoline Script Font

Embrace the trendy allure of The Gallery, a monoline script that stands classy with aesthetic depth and retro style.  

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Pick Your Best Fonts For Wedding Invitations!  

From Angela Rahmy to The Gallery typefaces, there are sure to be wedding invitation fonts that catch your attention. Instead of just picking one, combining the two pieces is acceptable. To best fit your artwork, go to Stringlabs’ official website and grab your perfect deals right away!

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