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The Hottest 2024 Wedding Trends: 4 Details To Try On!

January 27, 2024
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The 2024 wedding trends are developing rapidly, synchronizing with the new behavior. However, planning your dream wedding while staying updated on the latest trends and ideas out there will be confusing. 

Through this post, you will discover what’s currently trending in the wedding realm, from the dress code to design. Find the top four wedding vogues in 2024 so you can try to create your own dream wedding!

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What Are In 2024 Wedding Trends?

Since your wedding day is a lifetime event, making it a memorable moment is a must. Whether your style is classic or cool, the following wedding trend bucket list will truly tie in with all kinds of weddings you desire.

1. 2024 Wedding Themes

The theme choice of decorations sets the tone and creates the wedding atmosphere you desire. This year, the flower theme is a favorite dream for couples who love a more dramatic ceiling installation over the dance floor.

With bold and dramatic arrangements, high-impact floral will instantly catch the eye as well as draw a lasting impression of love and luxury elements. 

Remember to stick to a single floral theme throughout your aesthetic wedding decoration, and pay attention to every touchpoint, from the venue to the invitations. To make your invitations even more stunning, it is worth combining a floral theme with some bombastic calligraphy fonts from String Labs below!

  •  Angelina Rachmi
Angelina Rachmi Calligraphy Font

By maintaining a classy calligraphy style, Angelina Rachmi appears temporary and fun on every stroke with a modern vibe. The writing looks visually appealing since the upper and lowercase letters connect the words, yet it can also hypnotize the reader’s sight.

  • Virgi Ella
Virgi Ella Calligraphy Font

If you are looking for a bit of romance in an all-rounder script font, Virgi Ella is one of the top leaders since it’s full of elegance. But, do not be worried, applying this font makes wedding invitations suit formal or informal themes.

  • Agus Hasny
Agus Hasny Love Script Font

The thin character strokes feel very soft, making Agus Hasny ideal for a peaceful floral wedding theme. The dynamic emphasis keeps up the influence of classy calligraphy while providing a fresh atmosphere.

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2. 2024 Wedding Color Palettes

Color is an extremely powerful aspect and can completely transform the mood of a space. Your wedding color sets the tone for the event and creates energy, from the flowers, invitation, or even the wedding cake. 

If you are a bride and groom who loves bold and bright color schemes, there’s no reason why your wedding can’t be the same. Whilst muted pastels and classic whites are out of style, this year is all about making a statement with vibrant and eye-catching colors.

The five extraordinary 2024 wedding color trends that will make your big day stand apart from the rest are magenta, cool aqua, bold mustard, soft lavender, and fiery orange. 

Harmonious contrasting colors will always give your wedding a memorable and unique touch. Additionally, you can also pair one color to another, instead of just using a single shade.   

3. The Wedding Dress Codes

Couples typically set dress codes for their guests to establish a specific aesthetic for their big day. Whether it is a casual with no responsibility to dress up or a full-on tie for a formal affair is on the horizon. 

In 2024 wedding trends, darker and more formal colors will be a good combination for the evening moment. 

Meanwhile, choose lighter colors and fabrics for daytime events. To ensure that your plans stay on track, make sure to state the guest dress code in the invitation column. It is also important to apply the attention-grabbing yet clear font type below so that guests can read it easily.

  • Roshinta
Roshinta Decorative Display Font

Bold, clear, and assertive are the key points that best describe Roshinta font. This Sans Serif typeface family is a dynamic charm with an elegant style. It is not monotonous and the slight curves look simple yet unique. 

  • Belfina Husairy
Belfina Husairy Serif Font

When you intend to choose a neat and clean stroke of writing on a wedding invitation, it’s Belfina Husairy’s turn to stand out. With a perfect blend of sophistication and style, this Serif font gives designs a chic look and an exceptional touch.

  • Mibaguy
Mibaguy Display Sans Serif Font

Add this decorative Sans Serif font for an eccentric wedding invitation vibe. While the alternate character with a slight design at the corner seems strange, Mibaguy has an extremely high readability level. 

4. The Modern Tech Elements

The far away gets closer and things are simpler, thanks to technology. Just like in previous years, one of the popular growing wedding trends in 2024 is hybrid events. This is specifically aimed at guests who may be unable to attend in person or live in other parts of the world.

In its work, the couple will utilize technology to streamline their wedding moments. Starting with creating a custom website for weddings along with online RSVP, digital guestbook, and live stream ceremony.

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Ready to Join 2024 Wedding Trends?

Realizing your dream wedding by relying on the latest trends never goes wrong. One tip will not suffice, you can combine four others, ranging from themes to modern tech elements for your big day. 

For best results, ensure everything is perfect, including the venue, decorations, or even wedding invitations. When it comes to invitation fonts, Stringlabs should be your go-to source! Head on to the website and get your pretty deals for your dream wedding!

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