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10 Crafty Fonts to Ignite Hotel Branding In 2023

February 22, 2024
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Branding in the hospitality industry helps build credibility and trust with potent customers. That said, you need to understand the basic elements of hotel branding. For example, hotel name, logo, tagline, typography, brand voice, and design.

To help you get inspiration for the perfect font style for the branding of a hotel, below are 10 exclusive fonts for hotel brand design, generating loyalist guests. 

10 Fabulously Fonts for Hotel Branding Design You Need To Try

Fonts are one of your first impressions of your future customers, so finding a font style that reflects your hotel’s personality and value is vital. Use the following font style to make your design stand out.

1. Bhineka

Bhineka Font

Fonts for hotel brand logos have to portray a sense of relaxation and comfort. Bhineka is an elegant serif font that is known for its excellent readability. When applied to the company branding, it will create a homey atmosphere that draws visitors to your place.

Bhineka has an overall elegant and sophisticated mood to your design. You should consider this font for more assertive branding.

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Another elegant serif font you can rely on for your hotel branding design is JHINBEY. JHINBEY consists of a complete set of numbering & punctuations and uppercase & lowercase characters. 

With its authentic serif styling, JHINBEY works great on any typography-heavy style. It combines elegant, classy, and neat characters altogether. This serif typeface also looks appealing while offering high readability. You can use it in both headlines or logos. 

3. Belfina Husairy

Belfina Husairy Font

Belfina Husairy leaves a great first impression on logos, posters, and headlines. It has decorative feet at the ends of each letterform. Of course, it evokes a classic feeling that complements your branding design. 

This classic font is perfect for making brands that need a whispy and elegant look. It will delicately elevate your hotel’s brand personality. 

4. Rosintha

Rosintha Font

Rosintha has a distinct appeal where classic style meets a modern touch simultaneously. It is a decorative display sans serif typeface made for beautiful branding. You can use this font to highlight bold and serious statements.  



Utilizing this elegant font is the best way for hotel branding  and appealing design. Angler is an extremely expressive font and looks great as a center point in your brand. It is a great way to welcome a new brand to potential customers.

Angler font will make anyone who sees it fall in love with its fancy and dynamic charm. You can mix and match the ligatures and various alternates.

6. Santtuy

Santtuy Font

For those looking for a versatile modern font with a delicate and flowing style, Santtuy is a great choice. This handwritten font leaves a wonderful impression that will capture your audience’s attention and invite them to come in. 

As you can see, it has balanced contrast in its characters to match your design. Let’s say it is one of the most memorable and eye-catching typefaces on the market.

7. Westerniya Serif

Westerniya Serif Font

Consider Westerniya Serif if you want to create your hotel branding design to stand out from the crowd. This font’s thickness, combined with the distinctive serifs, creates a classic yet modern look. It’s very versatile to use for any kind of project you’re working on. 

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8. Ving Winston

Ving Winston Font

Ving Winston is a lovely signature script font straight out of romantic love letters. Look at the long tail that adds a touch of modern and minimalist design. It also has unique curves that make this font so beautiful. Quite impressive!

Not to mention it features smooth lines and amazing alternates. This font can visually enhance your brand. 

9. Maguire

Maguire Font

Need something more cheerful and quirky? Count on Maguire for your design. It combines modern handwriting with classic-looking letter shapes. This font has clean curves and refined touches on every side. It helps you create more casual hotel branding while highlighting a classy brand identity. 

10. Saturday Crush

Saturday Crush Font

Last but not least, your design will draw more attention with this mid-century modern aesthetic font. Saturday Crush gives your logo or headlines a personal and luxurious touch. Everything is perfect right there, from the font’s curves and shapes to its strokes. 

It will boost your branding legibility and turn your future customer’s heads toward your brand.

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Create Impressive Hotel Branding with The Right Font!

Have you found the most suitable font for your hotel branding? Or do you need more font ideas that reflect your hotel concepts? StringLabs offers a special bundle font comprising 550 high-quality fonts in a wide range of styles. Intrigued? Buy today with a special price of $5550 for a worldwide corporate license type!

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