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Mugen Font: Stylist Script Font and 6 Ways to Use It!

February 22, 2024
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When serif font is perfect for formal use and sans serif is fun, let’s talk about script font. Script fonts is a typeface created based on handwriting. Depending on the style, it can project a vintage or modern vibe. Now, let’s meet our beloved Mugen font, Mugen Ragi here to get to know it better. 

Mugen Font, A Stylist Script Font

Mugen Ragi Cover

Not just any script font, Mugen Ragi is a specifically modern script font. In this modern world, you can utilize the font in many projects. The robust use of the Mugen font can highlight your product value, whether it’s food and beverage, clothing design, logos, or even website usage.

Mugen Ragi Content

Mugen Ragi supports uppercase and lowercase letters for versatile and customizable typography. Although claims to be a stylish font, Mugen Ragi still considers the legibility for easy reading. So, not only a distinct typography, but something you write is also equally valuable.


In addition, the Mugen font style provides numbering & punctuation, ligatures, and multilingual support. The whole style package allows you to make more distinct designs to accommodate your overflowing creativity. Now, let’s explore what Mugen Ragi can do for your design projects. 

Add Mugen Font in The Following 6 Common Projects!

Mugen literally means infinite in Japanese. Indeed, this represents its adaptability to various kinds of designs. So, for educational purposes only, we’ll take a peek at a few examples of Mugen Ragi in action.

1. Brand Designs or Logos

Brand Design

Mugen Ragi brings professional vibes when it comes to logo designs. You can simply make it white and pair it with any dark background to express elegance. No wonder it claims to be a stylist font, just look at these simplistic yet stylish designs. 

Cup Design

The font is perfect for many businesses, including clothing designs, food and beverages, and even accessories. Oh, and this particular design for a matches packaging, I guess. 

Matches Packaging

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2. Personal Branding

Quote on Longboard

Since Mugen Ragi is a script font, it has been engraved in our hearts as a handwritten letter. Thus, you can utilize the font to express who you are. For illustration, in this image, you can express your principles in life via quotes using this Mugen font. If you use it long enough, the font can reflect your persona. 

Mugen Ragi represents flowyness, modernity, and versatility. If you have those characteristics or values, then it’s a perfect match for you. You can create your digital presence using this font to describe your personality without actually saying it.

3. Invitation


A professional font that can be personal too. What better utilization of such merits than an invitation? In an invitation, script font can cover many sections, including the title of the event, subheading, and even the names of the bride and groom for a wedding invitation. 

Using script font in an invitation is very common, but the style is what makes the difference. Mugen Ragi can present your modern and stylish vibe with its typeface. Additionally, if you decide to write your name in the font, you’ll see your name in some sort of a signature font style which brings a more intimate mood. 

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4. Advertisement

Burger Ads

When you put the Mugen font as your brand logo, you can also utilize it more in your advertisement as part of your brand key visual kit. As seen in the example above, Mugen Ragi can be your impeccable match with minimalist designs. 

Not only that, but the font also exudes classy and elegant qualities in your ads without overpowering the other visual elements. Rather, it completes the ad design with easy readability to convey promotions or taglines about the product.

5. Business Card

Business Card

We already touched on this topic a little in the invitation and personal branding sections. Mugen Ragi can be your font selection to describe your personality in business cards. 

While the script style in this font brings a personal and warm tone, in this implementation, it also suits formality and authenticity. Thus, it captures your professional identity as well. 

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6. Presentation


There are commonly three sections in typography, namely heading, subheading, and body text. These are the basics of a great presentation too. Mugen Ragi is one of the top choices of script font styles that you can use the font as your title font or subheading. 

The font is relatively thin, so it’s perfect for the subheading section, paired with bold san or serif font in the title. But, with its stylish typeface, it can also occupy the title section. 

Use this Mugen Font to Infinitely Elevate Your Designs!

Mugen Ragi is a versatile font, you can use it for your personal use business, and commercial purposes. The font is already compatible with numerous software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Word.

Bundle Cover

Mugen Ragi is also part of StringLabs 550 Font Bundle with Corporate License. With this offer, worry no more about running out of ideas for designs and enjoy unlimited usage. Grab the bundle offering through our website immediately!

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