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6 Reasons Why Simple Design is Better for Your Business!

March 7, 2024
6 Reasons Why Simple Design is Better for Your Business scaled

Have you wondered why simple design is better in branding and preferable among designers? Minimalism always succeeds in attracting the audience and giving better performance for business. Discover the advantages of simple design and how you can implement it in your design by continue reading this article!

6 Reasons Why Simple Design is Better 

We have summed up six reasons to consider applying minimalist design to your business. Check this out!

1. Better Communication 

One crucial purpose of designing is delivering the messages. That’s why your artwork should be able to clearly communicate its meaning to the audience. 

Minimalism or simple design has limited elements to be displayed. This way, you can optimize each component to deliver more purposeful messages. As a result, you can share your thoughts easily with your audience. 

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2. Optimal Performance

The simple design could give you better performance. Let’s take an example in web design. In web design, minimalist design will affect the user experience. Many users don’t like slow websites. Simplifying your web design will make the site load faster and, thus, the visitors more likely to want to stay longer.

Moreover, a straightforward design makes your website mobile-friendly since it can load easily on a mobile phone.

3. Avoid Distraction

Too many things in the design will distract the reader. As a result, it will be hard for them to understand the content you want to share. 

The flashy design also affects the reader’s cognitive fluency. This factor refers to readers’ personal experiences with the difficulty of processing or completing a mental task. In other words, if they think your design is too complicated, they might perceive your content as hard to comprehend. 

On the other side, limited elements in design allow readers to process the information freely. That’s why simple design is better for helping the reader understand your content comfortably. 

A simple website design, by Emad Shirkani
A simple website design, by Emad Shirkani | source: dibbble.com

4. Easy to Remember

Related to the previous point, people tend to remember something simple. The minimalist design would make your brand stand out even more among competitors.

You might already know Google, Nike, Apple, Instagram, or Twitter. They have simple logos, and because of that, people recognize immediately their brands. 

Making your design simple will make your brand more distinct and recognizable.

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5. Adaptable and Immune to Trend Changing

Sometimes, you want to rebrand your business. It can be complicated to change it if you have a complex design. However, the task would be done much easier if you apply a minimalist design.

Moreover, minimalist design may resist trend change and make your brand look timeless.

6. More Appealing and Trustworthy

Attractiveness is another reason why a simple design is better than a complex one. A minimalist approach can make your design look more eye-catching than a complex one. 

Decluttered and limited usage of color and image in simple design could establish honesty and trustworthy feeling. Accordingly, your brand appears more professional and credible. As a result, it builds trustworthiness for people toward your business. 

4 Tips to Improve Simplicity in Your Design

Although a minimalist design proves better, it can be challenging to establish a simple design. Yet, you can follow the four tips below to execute it!

1. Optimizing Visual Hierarchy

Being straight to the point is one of the reasons why simple design is better for business. To apply this, you must know the information you want to display. Ask yourself if the information is necessary or serves the purpose. Then, think if you can simplify the design or layout.

Try to display the information in hierarchical order. It means you highlight the most essential information and then put less important elements aside. 

Simple poster design by Nabila Tabassum
Simple poster design by Nabila Tabassum | source: dribbble.com

2. Consider the Negative Space

Many designers fear adding negative or blank space in their design since they think it might bore the readers. However, adding blank spaces would help readers to relax while digesting the information.

Moreover, negative spaces let the readers interpret freely and find the hidden meaning in your design. 

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3. Be Selective with Your Color Pallete 

Color is the expression of your design. It is also one way to deliver the meaning of your art to readers. That’s why you should not forget to pick a color palette. Pick the cohesive color that matches your overall design. 

4. Mind Your Typography

Choice of Typography for Simple Design
Choice of Typography for Simple Design | source: String Labs Creative website

Typography is also a crucial element in delivering your content. Therefore, you should pick the correct typeface. The font not only needs to match your brand identity or value and design, but it has to be legible and readable. 

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Did You Get Why Simple Design is Better for Your Branding?

From here, we know that a minimalist design is not boring at all. Conversely, it allows you to focus on what’s important and deliver it meaningfully. Designs in simplicity also help the viewer efficiently understand your messages. Thus, it helps them to appreciate your artwork and trust your brand better. 

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