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31 Best Magazine Cover Fonts for Awesome Text and Titles

June 10, 2024
31 Best Magazine Cover Fonts for Awesome Text and Titles scaled

The right magazine cover fonts are like a magical power. For hundreds of years, fonts have appealed to people and left a lasting image. Whether you’re creating a cutting-edge fashion magazine or a mouth-watering food magazine, you’ll always need an innovative font.

When it comes to editorial design, choosing the right font can be a big challenge. You can express your creativity and add the preferable font for you, while editing your images, to make them look more enticing. The fonts don’t only convey your mind’s eye but are also readable. Here, you will explore fonts and find out how they can carry your brand.

The Best Magazine Cover Fonts

You need something that works not just for the cover itself, but something that can lead customers’ eyes to flip through page after page. This font collection will give you multiple typography options for your publications’ needs.

Ahmad Bantani

Ahmad Bantani Font
Ahmad Bantani Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Ahmad Bantani is a simple handwritten signature script font. Its beautiful characters will match your wide pool of designs.

Ving Winston

Ving Winston Font
Ving Winston Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Ving Winston is a handwriting-like script font to beautifies all types of magazine designs.

Fathony King

Fathony King Font
Fathony King Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Fathony King is a modern script typeface. This one of the best magazine fonts has been created to make your title and text look elegant.

Mugen Ragi

Mugen Ragi Font
Mugen Ragi Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Mugen Ragi has ethereal curves and precision lines. It’s a good font choice for fashion and luxury brand magazines.

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Alatas Script

Alatas Script Font
Alatas Script Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Alatas Script will be a good fit for headlines or magazine cover fonts of interior design or architecture magazines with its high contrast strokes and thin letter weight lines. 

Bung Virgi

Bung Virgi Font
Bung Virgi Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Bung Virgi can be a great deal for various kinds of magazine niches with its minimalist script style.

Tajur Puncak

Tajur Puncak Font
Tajur Puncak Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Tajur Puncak is an authentic handwritten font with soft flowing letters. It brings beauty and balance to your cover designs.

Ramly Zatins

Ramly Zatins as Magazine Cover Font
Ramly Zatins as Magazine Cover Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Ramly Zatins will bring your brand to an expensive yet expressive image with its delicate wavy lines.

Franky Rain

Franky Rain as Magazine Cover Font
Franky Rain as Magazine Cover Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Franky Rain is a gorgeous handmade signature script font. Bringing out graceful curves and sharp angles for any type of magazine that needs a stylish tone. 


Flavellya Font
Flavellya Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Flavellya is a great font for beauty and fashion magazines. Don’t hesitate to use it for invitations, business cards, or quote designs.

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Mayestica Font
Mayestica Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

As the name sounds “Majestic”, this font is great for displaying the luxury of a brand e.g. wine and resort.


Williamson Font
Williamson Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Williamson is part of magazine cover fonts with a contemporary vibe. It brings your design to minimalist elegance.

Taniya Relly

Taniya Relly Font
Taniya Relly Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

The strokes make your positive intentions reach the customer, so you can use Taniya Relly font for self-love, life journey stories, and words of wisdom magazines.

Melvina Wayne

Melvina Wayne Font
Melvina Wayne Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Melvina Wayne is a luxury but unique script font. It’s also perfect for your fashion, wedding invitation, and business card brand.


Mystique Font
Mystique Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

With a mysterious vibe, the Mystique font will captivate your biography, nature, or beauty & fashion magazine customers.


Southiya Font
Southiya Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Southiya is a full-of-love font to add a romantic spark to your couples, moms & kids, or daily females magazines.


Carmelia Font
Carmelia Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

If you are seeking fresh modern the best fonts for magazine design, Carmelia with its quirky hand-drawn style is a great choice.

Shiny Aisyah

Shiny Aisyah Font
Shiny Aisyah Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

With a butterfly’s whiskers-like strokes, Shiny Aisyah is a brilliant idea for gardening-related magazines.


Arionna Font
Arionna Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Its simple character will make your design look contemporary. Try this modern font for all your designs.


Mashiya Font
Mashiya Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Mashiya is a monoline script font with pretty cursive and adequate readability, which is excellent for fashion magazine fonts.

Baster Monky

Baster Monky Font
Baster Monky Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Baster Monkey maintains its classy calligraphy influences while presenting the freshness on your beauty, fashion, and food magazine covers.


Basuhed Font
Basuhed Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

The combination of Basuhed font and your work will hit your customers in the heart. Therefore, apply this font to your motivational, photography, or travel magazines.


Vuttaline Font
Vuttaline Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Vuttaline is better at achieving stylish magazine designs–take, for example, photography and lifestyle magazines.


Mathulesy as Title and Text Magazine Font
Mathulesy as Title and Text Magazine Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Mathulesy has very stunning high-contrast lines and curves. Recommended font choice for fashion magazines, wedding magazines, and design interiors theme.


Walentiny as Title and Text Magazine Font
Walentiny as Title and Text Magazine Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

One of the next magazine cover fonts is Walentiny. It is a graceful handwritten font for that will complement architecture-theme magazine. 

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Russeline Font as Magazine Cover Font
Russeline Font as Magazine Cover Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

If you want a fun and anti-mainstream concept, put Russeline font on your magazine cover, headlines or as the editorial photography page companion. 


Cellyne Font
Cellyne Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Inspired by gentle wind movements, the Cellyne Script font will add a feminine look to your magazines. Perfecto for fashion brand or female-related themes!


Vezthisory Magazine Cover Font
Vezthisory Magazine Cover Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Vezthisory has sharp and quirky strokes. That’s why this font is the right fit for a youth magazine cover.


Sellviny Magazine Cover Font
Sellviny Magazine Cover Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Sellviny is a typeface with “17 lovely ligatures”. It adds charm to designs other than magazine covers or photography. The flair you need for wedding invitations and stationeries designs. 

Ving Smith

Ving Smith Font for Your Magazine Cover Font
Ving Smith Font for Your Magazine Cover Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Glue your inspiring stories using Ving Smith Handwritten Script font. The smooth cursives and balanced strokes, provide clear readability in style. 


Gotten Font
Gotten Font | Image Source: Stringlabscreative.com

Gotten creates a fun and trendy look, you can use this to create children magazine design covers, or ones with comical and holiday theme. 

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Which Magazine Cover Fonts Stole Your Heart?

The collection of magazine cover fonts is an arsenal of branding tools that will bring your brand to life. They have the power to speak and create memorable experiences with your customers.

Highlight your brand with fonts that match your thoughts. You can find at least one of the 500+ Awesome Font Bundles complete with its corporate license. What’s more, the fonts are high quality and have a wide variety of styles. Speed up your projects with ready-to-use fonts and browse by category now!

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